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Bots - are automated tanks that are run by the game servers and are currently used to train new players that join the game. Bots have been around since late December 2017 and ever since they have been added they were improved. They are also used in the test servers in all leagues when the developers open them for testing so players don't need to wait too much for a game. Bots have also been added to the initial few levels of the bronze league apart from the training league. They have also been added to celebrate the April Fools & Banana celebration events in the game in which they are added into all leagues, the higher the league the higher the health points they have, therefore they are harder to kill.

How to identify a bot

First of all, bots are not smart and are run by programming. They are very predictable from their path and shooting patterns. Usually, they are very slow at reacting and bump on walls and/or other players. Currently, they are all equipped with the Captain Craboo avatar with the training or bronze league avatar border. They only use the turrets Thunder, Twins, Smoky, and Ricochet; and have been seen with all the hulls.

The avatar used by bots

List of known bots

  • AnnaBest
  • Armorbreaker
  • Bambldor
  • Belka19
  • Ceme4ka
  • DarkLady
  • Deadrock
  • Deathpooler
  • Destrructtor
  • Dinotank
  • Dusya
  • EvilDuck
  • Hollyhit
  • Kane
  • KillFactory
  • LuckyDasha
  • LudmilaPavlovna
  • MadJokerOo
  • Malinka
  • MegaStream
  • Monstertrack
  • Nastya666
  • NoobHater
  • ShooterX
  • SlasherXxX
  • StormTrooper
  • Tankinator007
  • ZergMaster