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Change Nickname

Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • The nickname change function first appeared in Tanki X on October 12, 2016.

Nickname - the username chosen by the player when registering an account.

Choosing a nickname is a very important step in account registration. When choosing a nickname keep in mind that this is the alias other players will know and recognize you in battles.

Before choosing a nickname, we ask you to get familiar with the Game Rules, in order to know which type of nicknames are allowed and which are not. Not complying to these rules might get your account blocked forever.

Changing your nickname should be well thought step, this is why this action costs X-crystals. If necessary, you can also change the case of a letter or a full nickname.

How to change the nickname?

To change your nickname, you need:

1. In the main menu of the game, click on the icon of your rank or game nickname to go to your profile.

2. Select the Account tab.

3. Select the "Change Nickname" field.
  • Come up with a nickname that satisfies the rules of the game and is not yet used; if necessary, you can also change the case of letters in your nickname.
  • Make sure that there are 600 ♦ on the account of the account on which the change of the nickname is planned, that is the price of the service;
  • Make sure your account is linked to a valid email inbox. If you do not have access to the attached email, first change it.

4. Enter the new nickname in the field and confirm with the "Change" button.

5. X-crystals will be written off from your account, and you will see the inscription “You have changed your nickname to ...

When you change your nickname, all your game statistics, rank, experience, crystals on the account, garage, list of friends, will be fully preserved. In addition, the profile statistics is stored on the forum: the number of messages, rating, etc. If you are blocked for an invalid nickname, then you will be replaced for free. If you have previously been authorized on the game forum under your old nickname, then in order to update your profile, re-enter it.

Steam Nicknames

Note: Players who created their accounts on steam can change their name for free 1 time.