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Clan - is a group of players joined together in a game that train, interact, play together, and have fun. Clans consist minimum of 5 members including a clan leader and the co-leaders with its members. Clans have privileges to participate in official cross-locale tournaments (link to the official cross-locale tournaments discord server) organized by our eSports team and sponsored by the Tanki X administration. Currently, there are only 6 official EN clans which are listed below.
Note: - There is currently not a clan system in the game which is planned to be added in the future, these clans are only clans created in the forum.

How to create or join a clan?

General Guidelines:

  • Clans shall only be created in Clans section of the forum.
  • Topic author shall hold the position of the clan leader.
  • A clan can have only one leader(topic author). However, multiple co-leaders are allowed.
  • Name of the clan shall only consist of English letters. The use of special characters is strictly forbidden.
  • There must be at least 5 members in a clan. Clans having less than 5 members shall not be approved.
  • A clan logo as well as providing means of communication with the clan leader on a Discord server is compulsory.
  • The participants must be listed in the clan page in a correct manner. See "How To Create A Clan". in the forum.
  • The clan name must be unique; must not be taken by a pre-existing clan. An existing clan's name shall only be considered free to use if that clan is no longer active(is locked).
  • A player can only be a part of one clan at a time.
  • It is compulsory for all listed members of a clan to confirm their clan membership by replying "I am in this clan" on the clan topic.
  • Recruiting players shall only take place in a designated sub-forum: Recruiting Center.
  • Every clan must have a clan applications section within the main topic. See "Clan Applications"
  • For switching leaders please see "How To Change Clan Leader". in the forum.
  • All clans and clan members are required to be in the Official Tanki X discord server to be updated on events and tournaments and recruit new members.

Reasons For Why Clans May Get Locked:

  • Clanmates haven't confirmed their membership on the clan page within 2 weeks.
  • Change of clan leader(in this case the new leader takes hold of the new clan topic, thus the previous topic gets locked).
  • Close request from the clan leader.
  • Multiple instances of violations by clan members.

A topic that will not meet these requirements will be closed or disapproved.

Link to more info on how to apply to create or join a clan.

Official Tanki X EN Clans

Knights Temenos [KT]

Founded - March 11, 2017 by egrocks57

  • Leader: egrocks57
  • Co-Leader: starace180
  • Member: antonysof
  • Member: ElectroNebula
  • Member: Try_To_Get_Killed
  • Member: 501st_Commander
  • Member: Black_Demon
  • Member: D4RK_L3G3ND
  • Member: thetankbusterx


Founded - March 7, 2018 by F.I.N.l.S.H.E.R
Clan Metro.jpg

  • Leader: F.I.N.l.S.H.E.R
  • Member: loginci
  • Member: Automaton
  • Member: FlaminDevil
  • Member: Prizefighter
  • Member: yakeeastern
  • Member: S.PA.R.T.A.N
  • Member: Do.Not.Disturb
  • Member: the_killer_is_back
  • Member: lntruder

METRO Discord Server

Sky Crew [SKY]

Founded - July 31, 2018 by Xts

  • Leader: Xts
  • Co-Leader: desperation
  • Member: ODD
  • Member: Miguelazoh
  • Member: ItsModdish
  • Member: Mr_Perfection
  • Member: Magree
  • Member: Obliviator
  • Member: E-v-i-l-w-a-v-e
  • Member: Uchiha.S.A.S.U.K.E

Sky Crew Discord Server

Chinese Infinite Shadow [CNIS]

Founded - August 13, 2018 by Captain-China

  • Leader: Captain-China
  • Co-Leader: SoundlessAssassin
  • Member: (Too many members to list)

Chinese Infinite Shadow Discord Server

Royal [R]

Founded - January 19, 2019 by M.E.O.W.S.E

  • Leader: M.E.O.W.S.E
  • Co-Leader: uppsetbananol15
  • Co-Leader: Lexus_TheGunslinger
  • Member: phoenix_leader
  • Member: Thepikachuband1324
  • Member: V.L.I.Z.A.R.D

Royal Discord Server

Tanki X Team [TX]

Founded - June 19, 2019 by StealthMasterX
Tanki X Logo.png

  • Leader: StealthMasterX
  • Co-Leader: O.S.A.N
  • Member: SHOAIB
  • Member: Lagking808
  • Member: AirForce
  • Member: SoftwareEngineer
  • Member: kkstar
  • Member: homie33412

Tanki X Official [EN] Discord Server