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Closed Beta Testing Quest

The Closed Beta Quest (CBT) was a challenge for each participant in a closed beta test from February 1, 2016, to September 15, 2016. The Beta-Quest made it possible to work together to get a unique beta tester badge and a sea of other awards that tankers received with the release of the game in an open beta test.

CBT Quest Infographics


The terms of participation

To participate, players had to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Register for the CBT (Closed Beta Test);
  2. Confirm your email.
  3. Earn at least 5 kills in a single battle during the CBT.

When the above conditions were met, the Beta tester icon appeared in the player’s profile.

To receive a reward, CBT participants must destroy a certain number of tanks.

  1. 350,000 destroyed tanks - "A ton of supplies."
  2. 800,000 - "Wallpaper". Each participant in the Beta Quest will receive a set of unique wallpaper on your desktop in HD-quality.
  3. 1,350,000 - “Unique paint”. We gave all Quest participants a unique paint that will let us know a CBT participant from afar!
  4. 2,000,000 - “Unique shell”. A projectile for the most popular gun on the CBT.
  5. 3,500,000 - “New Mechanics: Avatars”. The game will introduce the ability to choose for themselves an avatar.
  6. 6,000,000 - "Modification to the hull." Awesome modification of one of the most popular hulls on the CBT.
  7. 10,000,000 - “New map from“ Tanks Online ”.
  8. 15,000,000 - "Modification to the turret." Incredibly cool modification of one of the most popular turrets on the CBT.

Track the number of destroyed tanks and the progress of the awards could be on a special site. On the amount of 11,150,844 tanks destroyed, the counter stopped, and the Quest was successfully completed.

The Awards:

Award Image
  • Unique icon "Beta Tester".
  • 100 of each supply
Repairkitdrop.png Increaseddamagedrop.png

Enhancedarmordrop.png Increasedspeeddrop.png
  • Desktop wallpaper
Beta Tester
Beta Tester.png
Beta Tester
Railgun beta.png
Tanki X
  • Unique skin for "Hornet"
Hornet Beta.png
  • New map from "Tanki Online"
West Prime


  • Some rewards are only for members of the Closed Beta Testing.