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Development Plans

The “development plans” section is a center of the actual information about the project. In this section, you can find out about upcoming updates and far-reaching plans for the development of the project. All of these tasks can be adjusted in time and sequence of implementation, but the essence remains the same - they are taken into development.

A similar topic was published in the middle of 2018 and shared plans for the second half of last year. If we look at it, we will see that not all forecasts have come true, but most of the plans have been implemented. This is normal, since from the idea to the game update there is a huge gap, and from time to time in the process of drawing up project documentation it may turn out that the invented feature is too difficult to be implemented and will take an unjustified amount of time.

Please Note: a published plan does not mean that all these items will be 100% entered into the game, but we will strive for this.

You can discuss the development plan and ask questions on the forum - discussion

Turrets and Hulls:

  • Balancing weapons - in our opinion, as well as according to your reviews and statistics, we have now managed to come to a good balance of weapons. But on the part of some turrets, there is still what to fix.
  • We consider the correction of the cost of upgrading modules in drawings and crystals since we see some distortions in the game economy.
  • Perhaps we will continue to work on new modules later.


  • In the near future, we will focus on the line of projectiles, including the creation of previously non-existent varieties for Vulcan and Hammer. How quickly they will appear, we do not make plans, and for the most part, the issue will be timed to coincide with various holidays. We are also considering the possibility of finally illustrating a tank shot and showing a projectile in the garage.
  • New paints are in the plans for a little while, as shells and avatars take time for themselves. But on holidays we will surely please.
  • New skins - it is planned to create an additional line of XT-skins with effects.
  • Graffiti - the release of new graffiti is still in question, as we do not see the great demand for this content. It was precisely decided that unique graffiti will no longer be rewarded for rating seasons due to their automation.


  • Improved tutorial for beginners, adding video guides on weapons.
  • Achievement - "achieved upgrades, game progression."

Under discussion:

The implementation of subsequent tasks depends on their complexity and development time. If the analysis reveals that they affect some complex mechanisms and require the processing of too much of the game, they can be postponed or canceled.

  • Ability to create a closed battle with bots.
  • PvE mode based on the history of the game world: battles with bots in a certain plot.
  • The introduction of additional parameters for the selection of players in matchmaking.
  • The possibility of "nerf" powerful upgraded players in contact with the less powerful upgraded players into the battle.