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E-mail (email, e-mail) is a technology that provides services for sending and receiving e-mail messages (called “letters” or “e-mails”) over a distributed (including global) computer network. E-mail on the composition of the elements and the principle of operation practically repeats the system of ordinary (paper) mail, borrowing both terms (mail, letter, envelope, attachment, box, delivery, and others), and characteristic features - ease of use, delay in message transmission, sufficient reliability and at the same time no guarantee of delivery.

Why do we need it in Tanki X?

  1. To be able to recover the password to access the account in case of its loss;
  2. For sending requests to the mail of technical support of users help.tankix.com in case of any problems in the game, blocking, errors, etc .;
  3. If a game account is linked to an email, it is easier to return it in case of theft;
  4. If a mail is attached to your account, when you buy crystals it will receive a payment receipt. It will show the date of payment, the number of crystals purchased, the payment system and method of payment;
  5. All the important letters from the Tanki X team will be sent to the same email address to which you will link your account (for example registration confirmation, update information, polls, and news about upcoming holidays) * Note: sometimes your email provider may filter such emails, so periodically check the Spam folder or look for our emails through a search in your mailbox according to Tanki X.

Currently, there are quite a few resources on the Internet that offer email services. Let's review examples of the most popular services:


One of the most popular search engines that offer to have an email.

Mail creation

  1. Go to the site google.com and click on the " Mail " button (Above);
  2. Press the button " Create an account ";
  3. A page will appear: Create a Google Account. In the block on the right, you need to fill in all the fields. In the line "Enter your username" you need to come up with the desired login to access the mail. If the name is taken, the system will tell about it. In this case, you need to think of another name. Do not forget to put a tick "I accept the terms of use" below;
  4. If everything is done correctly, a page with congratulations should appear. On it we press the button " Go to the Gmail service ";
  5. You will be taken to your inbox you just created. If you want to get acquainted with the service, you can read the mini usage guide that appears.

How to write a letter

Click the " Write " button ; In the "To" line, you must specify the mail address of the addressee (the one to whom you want to write a letter). For example, we want to send a letter to Tanki X technical support. To do this, we write the support address help@tankix.com in the "To" Tanki X. In the line "Subject" you need to specify the subject (on what issue do you write?) Letters. In the block below we write the necessary information; Once you have entered the necessary information, you can send a letter. To do this, click " Submit "; Everything. Letter to tech support sent. It now remains to wait for a response from the support, which, in accordance with the rules, can be given within 30 days from the date of application. He will come to the same mail from which they sent the letter.