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Experiance - or "XP" is the number of mastery points earned as you play the game the more points you earned the higher the skill you have in the game.
Experience is shown by players rank the higher the rank the more experience the player has in the game. Experience is required to unlock new Tier skins and specific graffiti for specific turrets and hulls and level them up to level 10. Experience is also required to obtain league containers from battles in which you obtain crystals and blueprints. Players can see their own or other players amount of experience in the players profile. Some quests may require a specific number of experience points in order to complete them. If you have premium account the progress of the experience is increased by 50%.

Turret and Hull Levels

Turret Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Amount of Experiance 0 600 1,800 3,600 6,600 10,800 16,800 25,200 36,000 51,000
Reward Graffiti Tier 1 Skin Tier 2 Skin

How to obtain Experience

Action Experience Gained Requirement
Destroying enemy in DM mode 10 The enemy is killed
Destroying enemy in TDM or CTF mode 20 The enemy is killed
Destroying enemy by assisting Percentage of damage dealt The enemy is killed
Healing allies Percentage of health restored When you have run out of ammo, finished healing completely or is your ally is destroyed

In some other cases, when the experience gained will be less

  • If your equipment is balanced accordingly for the battle, then 20% of the balanced value is subtracted
  • If the enemy is killed within 5 seconds of re-spawning, then 50% experience is deducted.

Note: No experience is gained in private/custom battles.

Kill Streaks

For the destruction of several enemies in a row, you can get additional experiance, but it is worth remembering that with each death the kill streak is killed.

Number of Kills Title Experience / Battle Points
2 Double Kill +0
3 Triple Kill +5
4 Ultra Kill +7
5 Kill Streak +10
10 Turret Crasher +10
15 Tank Grinder +10
20 Violence +20
25 Rampage +30
30 Monster Tank +40
35 Unstoppable +50
40 Godlike +60
45+ (for every 5) Godlike +70

League Containers from Battle

The battle award (blueprints and crystals) is shown on progress bar that shows when you get a blueprint container as a reward.

The progress bar is filled depending on the experience points you earned in the battle - to get a container, you need to get 800 experience points. That is, the more effective you are in battle, the faster you will earn rewards. The button next to the bar you can see what rewards are waiting for you at the end of the rating season.