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The Firebird is the key to urban warfare. It proved its effectiveness when Antaeus subdued the islands and metropolitan areas of the Pacific. This turret knows its stuff: set fire to your enemy's tank, and then move on. The burning napalm will devour enemy equipment without the need for any outside support. Heavy tanks will have no chance. Does it seem like the weapon is taking too long to recharge? You can still shoot burning napalm at the enemy, even from half-filled fuel tanks.


  • Unlock Rank: Recruit 3rd Class 03.png
  • Price: ♦ 500 Crystals or ♦ 100 X-Crystals


Firebird I
Firebird II
Firebird Gold.png
Wasp Gold
Firebird Steel.png
Wasp Steel
Firebird Dreadnaught.png
Firebird Dreadnaught
Firebird inferno.png
Firebird Inferno
Characteristics of Firebird
Damage per Second 517
Charge Time (sec) 4
Reload Time (sec) 6
Max Damage Distance (m) 6
Attack Distance (m) 16
Heat Temperature Limit (%) 100
Heat Temperature Delta (%/sec) 25
Max Heat Damage 250