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Forum Profiles

Profile on the forum - this is the page on the forum of the game, which displays information about the owner of the profile and its records. Authorization on the forum under your gaming login and password opens access to many functions. These include the ability to create messages and topics on the forum, as well as the ability to view user profiles and use private messages (PM) when communicating with other forum participants. The profile also displays the number of messages and reputations, the date of registration (on the forum), the date of the last visit, the number of subscribers, warning scores, player information, and recent profile, visitors.

How to find your profile on the forum?

To view your profile, you need:

  1. Login to the Tanki X forum using the login and password of your game account;
  2. Click on your nickname (top right), and then on the " Profile " button ;
  3. In the address bar of your browser will be a link to your profile on the forum.

How to find a player profile on the forum

Attention! Find forum player profile is possible only if it is already registered on the forum.

  1. Go to the forum ;
  2. Click on the "Search" field ;
  3. Select "Members" ;
  4. Enter the player's nickname and click "Search" ;
  5. The found list will contain the profile of the player you were looking for.