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Forum Rules of Conduct

The Forum - an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and these messages are at least temporarily archived. Here you can conduct discussions not only to do with the game but also host off-topic discussions. We want our players to feel comfortable here, therefore we have one simple general rule: treat your forum companions the same way you would like to be treated.

The rules below are designed to explain how to behave on the forum and what to expect from other users. While covering many situations, they naturally do not cover all possible scenarios. Any controversial situations which arise are left to the discretion of the Forum Moderators @StealthMasterX and community manager @Steel and @LEON-T. The Tanki X administration treats each controversial case individually and reserves the right to permanently ban a user from the forum in the case of a violation in the forum, game, or other game affiliated sites and resources. The bottom line is; use common sense.

1. Categories, sub-forums, and topics:

  • Any topic should be created under the following rule: One thought = One topic. It will make it easier for us and for you to navigate the forum as a whole so long as everyone follows the above-outlined idea. Part of following this rule of thumb involves searching the forum for similar topics before creating a new one;
  • The From Developers category is intended for notifying players of important events. Only the administration has the right to create topics in this sub-forum. However, any user can comment and discuss them;
  • The Game category is intended for discussions relating to the game itself;
  • The FAQ sub-forum is pre-moderated, in order to avoid double posting. It may be that the topic you want to bring up for discussion, may already be in an active discussion. You can create a topic in "Questions and Answers" sub-forum to ask a single question.
  • The Suggestions and Ideas sub-forum is under pre-moderation mode. Use the search function to check for similar topics before creating a new one;
  • The Game Modes and "Guides" sub-forums are under pre-moderation. Topics will be published only after the forum moderating staff have checked them;
  • The Community Corner category is intended for off-topic discussions and creativity.
  • The Forum Games and Events and Contests sub-forums contain all the forum and game activities. You can publish and propose your ideas for activities or you can join the already published and ongoing ones;
  • The Tavern sub-forum is for off-topic discussions. This forum does not have limitations apart from the behavioral rules;
  • The Feedback sub-forum is intended for forum, website and staff feedback. It also contains news about the moderation staff.

2. Rules of Conduct

Below is a list of violations that every user should avoid when creating a topic, a message or any other type of activity on the Tanki X forum. Failing to comply with these rules, entails punishment from pre-moderation of every message and topic, to fully blocking the user account on the Tanki X forum.

2.1. Violations that will lead to a user warning:

  • Double posting - reproduce already existing topics or messages, as well as topics that have recently been discussed and/or the answers to which are available in the information sections (the Game Rules, FAQ, Plans, etc.);
  • Off-topic - a created topic that does not correspond to the theme of the section/category;
  • Overquoting - quote parts of previous messages that are too large, and/or images without any special necessity;
  • Necroposting - continue to discuss the topics that were closed or deleted by the Administration;
  • Caps, repetitive, unreadable letters, and characters, symbols, and emoticons in the title or description of a topic, as well as colored text with a font size larger than 18;
  • Conducting conversations and/or creating topics in a language other than English.
  • Increasing reputation through owner's different account/s is forbidden and may lead to a decrease or a reset of the reputation points.
  • Creating topics particularly aimed at farming/boosting reputation points.
  • Misuse of the forums reports system, ex. reporting at random with no purpose reports and or reporting small insults that can be ignored.
  • Sparking drama or tension between players, in the forums.

2.2. Violations that will lead to a temporary block of the user's account on the forum:

  • Any attempt to impersonate a former or current Administrator or Helper (moderator, consultant and so on), including sending messages on behalf of the Administration or Helper;
  • Begging in any form, including requests to transfer funds, game values or crystals;
  • Publication of information that contains political solicitation, political advertising, election propaganda of any kind;
  • Any form of threat against Players, Administration, moderators or helpers or any other third parties;
  • Publication of any advertising materials or information without the Administration approval;
  • Unconstructive criticism of the Game, Contests, Events and/or its authors, the Owner;
  • Commission or instigation (provocation) to actions (inaction) that are prohibited by these Forum and Game Rules, the Agreement and/or applicable law;
  • Creating topics or messages that contain any information prohibited by the Forum and Game Rules, the Agreement and/or applicable law.
  • Alt forum accounts. The administration of the game considers that a user does not need alt forum accounts. The reason behind that being that alt forum account is primarily used in cases when the user's main account is banned or they are trying to intentionally violate the forum rules incognito.

2.3. Violations that will lead to set an account on pre-moderation or temporary restricting the access to the forum for up to six months:

  • Discrimination towards inexperienced players (newbies): misinformation, intimidation, mockery;
  • Flaming, arguing for the sake of arguing, an exchange of messages that is just a war of words, often bearing no relation to the original cause of dispute), trolling, provocation, making it difficult to communicate on the forum;
  • Insults, slander (dissemination of misleading information) in relation to other Users, Administration, moderators, other persons;
  • Use of bad or strong language, other bad or rude words (phrases) not classified as a bad language, including in the implied form;
  • Performance of any actions that have a negative influence on the game's development and image;
  • Attempts to obtain the password, other Account information or other personal information from any other User, including in the form of extortion by using moral, physical or technical threats;
  • Sharing the password to one's own account;
  • Dissemination of any personal information about other Users or about third persons (unless such information is publicly accessible);
  • Any form of discrimination by gender, age, religion or other characteristics;
  • Publication of the information and materials of sexual, erotic or pornographic nature, picturing or describing sexual relations or deviant sexual practices, as well as posting links to resources containing such information;
  • Publication of the information in which one may see the elements of calling for violence, war, terrorism, an overthrow of power, extremist activity and/or mass disturbances;
  • Publication of information about political organizations (political leaders) that committed political crimes or crimes against humankind, terrorist acts, or otherwise violated the international laws;
  • Publication of information that describes instigates or justifies unlawful or antisocial behavior, crime, violence, mutilation, psychic or physical cruelty to people, animals, inflicting damage on the property of others;
  • Publication of information that contains direct or indirect propaganda, calls to consume alcoholic and alcohol-containing drinks, beer, tobacco products, smoking accessories, drugs, toxic, psychotropic and/or intoxicating substances, their precursors, contains information about the places and methods of their production, acquisition, cultivation, and use.

2.4. Violations that will lead to a permanent ban of a user's account on the Tanki X forum:

  • Phishing actions that are aimed at gaining access to Users confidential data, such as logins and passwords;
  • Posting links to 3rd party resources that are disguised as the Game official resources, as well as links to resources that promise free crystals, crystals issued by the administration, or explain or describe the exploitation of crystal bugs, etc;
  • Posting links to sites/hostings containing 3rd party software (cheats, programs, clients, etc.), spreading links to sites containing software that changes the game functionality or promises to do so;
  • Posting information that can cause damage or harm to the game or the Administration/moderators/helpers;
  • Others cases of fraud, aimed at stealing Users accounts.

Other provisions

  • The Administration manages the Forum and applies these Forum Rules at its sole discretion, but takes into account the opinion of the community.
  • These Forum Rules may be changed by the Administration without any prior notice. The User is obliged to check these Forum Rules for changes at least once every seven days (i.e weekly). If such a check is not made within the specified period and the User continues to use the Forum, the User is considered to have read and agreed with the amended version of these Forum Rules.
  • The Administration maintains a zero-tolerance policy to cheating and fraud. If, in the Administration's opinion, the User cheated or tried to cheat the Administration or another User, or provided false or fictitious information, documents, evidence and otherwise violated the applicable laws, the Administration reserves the right to block the User's Account and transfer such information at its own discretion (along with the User's personal data) to any third party and/or law enforcement authorities if the Administration deems it necessary.