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Game Logs

A log is a file that contains a detailed list of events from applications, system performance, or user actions, in chronological order. Logs or logs can be useful to identify errors in the game.

How to provide a game log?

If you have any problems with the game, frequent crashes, lags, and so on, you should report this to the support site, where developers collect data on all game errors (note the topics already created, perhaps there is a description among them and your problem with other players).

To correctly report an error, follow the instructions:

  1. In the folder with the game tankix_data there is a file output_log.txt;
  2. Save the file to any cloud storage (Yandex.Disk, Google Docs, Dropbox, where you can view the file without downloading it). Or you can copy the contents of the file and put it on the resource https://pastebin.com/ ;
  3. Create a new topic at http://echo.tankix.com/ (or add your own log to another player’s topic with an identical problem) along with a detailed description of the problem.

Important: after the error, do not restart the client, otherwise the logs will be erased.