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Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • During the Halloween holiday of 2016, the garage in the game was decorated with themed pumpkins to maintain the festive atmosphere.
  • During the 2017 New Year holiday period, the garage was decorated with a Christmas tree and gold box presents to maintain the festive atmosphere of the first New Year in Tanki X.



A list of things you can do in the garage:

  • Check every type of equipment and its characteristics;
  • Change the turret and hull on your tank, in case you've decided to change your tactic;
  • Try on equipment and paints you have not yet acquired;
  • Buy an item.

On the side menu in the garage screen, you will see 4 buttons with item categories: "Turrets", "Hulls", "Paints" and "Modules".

All the turrets and hulls are sorted by their price and difficulty level, the paints - from standard to unique, and the modules are sorted by their crafting requirements and availability.


The turrets in Tanki X are playing an important role. Your personal play style will depend on the turret you choose to play with: rapid and agile close combat or a safe long range combat, or maybe even a support role, playing for the team. Here is the arsenal of turrets available in our game:

  • Firebird - A perfect weapon against slow tanks in narrow spaces;
  • Freeze - Freezes and slows your enemies, damaging in the process;
  • Isida - Damages your enemies and heals your allies;
  • Twins - A mid range, two barrels plasma gun;
  • Hammer - A shotgun with 3 powerful charges;
  • Ricochet - A gun with bouncing shells, which damages only when it hits a tank;
  • Smoky - A gun available from the very beginning. A faithful friend in your first battles;
  • Thunder - A mid caliber gun with explosive shells;
  • Vulcan - A machine gun, which almost never recoils;
  • Railgun - A very powerful kinetic gun for long range combat;
  • Shaft - A gun with a sniper mode aim, fit for long as well as mid range combat.

On every turret you will see its price in crystals if you don't own it. Using every turret in battles will increase it's upgrade level. You do not need to spend crystals to upgrade your turret, it will do so automatically and free of charge.


Choosing the right gun will get you just half way to your success. You also need to carefully choose the right hull.
All the hulls can be split into 3 main categories:

  • Wasp and Hornet: Light, fast and maneuverable;
  • Hunter, Viking and Dictator: Balanced and middle weighted;
  • Titan and Mammoth: Heavy and massive.

Just like the turrets, the hulls have 10 upgrage levels. You can read more about hulls characteristics in a special article.


The paints are one of the 3 items that allow tanks to have a unique aesthetic look. You can try every one of the paints in the garage, from standard to unique, and when you're done, you can buy the one you liked the most. Players can also receive special paints by upgrading their equipment and by participating at different game events.


These items allow players to shortly boost a specific characteristic of their tank. You can read more about modules in a dedicated article.