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General Events & Contests Rules

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1.1 By joining an Event/Contest you have to follow its specific rules, which are specified separately in every Event/Contest topic.

1.2 By joining the Event/Contest, you agree to be part of a stream or any kind of recordings.

1.3 Any instructions given by the Event/Contest Organizers must be followed.

1.4 Killing the Event Helpers is highly forbidden and will be punished immediately without a warning, unless the specific Event rule explicitly states otherwise.

1.5 General violations of the Game Rules and EULA are forbidden and will be punished immediately, without warning. Even the General Forum Rules are applied while posting a Contest Entry in topic.

1.6 Participants who experience lags might be kicked from the Event Battle if the lags negatively impact the Event, this action will be made at the discretion of the Organizers.

1.7 If Participants start to drop gold-boxes, the Organizers are authorized to restart the Event Battle, to make sure that the Event will not be affected in any way.

1.8 There is no way to claim back the lost gold-boxes lost by the restart of an Event Battle, Event Battles are not for dropping gold-boxes!

1.9 In order to avoid complaints in the future, we ask you to read the rules carefully, dates show when Event/Contest will take place. If the Event/Contest was completed successfully without any winners or canceled due to the majority of the Participants not following the rules, the Participants cannot ask for any kind of refunds for entrance fees or lost rewards.

1.10 The rewards are awarded within 7 working days after the Event/Contest is over. If you think you didn't receive your reward after the 7 days, please contact one of the Event/Contest Administrators via forum PM.

1.10.1 If your nickname has been changed before you get awarded, send a Forum PM directly to one of the Event Administrators, otherwise, no rewards will be awarded.

1.10.2 In case of multiple Event Battles for the same Event, Winners from previous Event Battles are not allowed to join any more Event Battles unless the event states otherwise.

1.11 Sharing links to the surprise events battles via any means of communication is forbidden and will be severely punished, access to the surprise events is made via the official Tanki X Discord server only! Any person that joined via the link after it was shared is considered to be taking part in the violation as well.

1.12 When submitting an entry for a Contest, external links redirecting to anything but the image hosting services pages (i.e imgur) are strictly forbidden and will be considered as an advertisement unless the specific Contest rule explicitly states otherwise.


2.0 Every Event/Contest is subject to special rules, so every violation will be punished depending on the Event/Contest rules.

2.1 The punishment of a violation of an Event/Contest Rules is temporary ban or exclusion from participation in further upcoming Events/Contests, and it is possible that the ban can involve the game account as well depending on the severity of the violation.

2.2 The Event/Contest Organization can withhold any rewards if the winner had violated the rules.

2.3 Anyone who violates the Event/Contest Rules constantly will receive an Event/Contest Ban, it means that he won’t be allowed to participate in Event/Contest anymore.

2.4 All of the event/contests bans & warns are announced & logged in a special topic.


If a player believes that he/she was punished for no reason -> he can send a PM to the Events & Contests Administrators @O.S.A.N and @SoftwareEngineer within one week.