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Gold Box

Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • In the nine days during the May Holidays 2017, tankers caught more than 17,000 gold boxes (17,044) and earned almost 140 million crystals in battles (139,171,212).
  • From September 26, 2017, after the release of the “Arms Race” update until February 16, 2018, the gold box contained 50 charges.
  • On August 29, 2018, the ability to drop and purchase of gold boxes became possible.
  • During the Halloween 2018 event, the appearance of the golden box was changed to an ominous pumpkin.

Goldicon.png Gold box (gold) - one of the types of drops in the game, which when taken gives 1,000 blue crystals. Its peculiarity is that it falls on a map differently from other types of drops. Unlike them, the siren is turned on before it is reset, and then the box itself is reset after 20 seconds. However, like a regular drop, it has its own landing points.

Goldbox Notification

The gold box always drops after a siren sound and with an orange notification that states GoldBox. The notification also states which player dropped it if a player drops it in battle.

How does a gold box work?


Buying Gold Boxes

  1. Press the “Shop” button on the main game screen;
  2. Select the "Boxes" section;
  3. Choose the package you are interested in and the method of payment;
  4. Click on the buy button.
A pack of Gold Boxes A pile of Gold Boxes A wagon of Gold Boxes A mountain of Gold Boxes The appearance of the Gold Box Drop zone
8 Boxes
50 Boxes
80 Boxes
400 Boxes
Drop gold.png

Important: the gold box drop is activated in the battle when you press the number key 5 by default, it can be reassigned in the game settings.

Gold Box Reset Conditions:

  • The reset button is active if the Gold Box is available (the number of the boxes in the garage is indicated in the Boxes section and in the combat interface) The button is inactive if there are other Gold Boxes in the reset queue during the match.
  • The gold box can be reset no more than once per minute.
  • Gold boxes cannot be dropped during warm-up and a minute before the end of the match.
  • When resetting, a notification appears in the combat log which player dropped the Gold Box.
  • The gold box falls on a random free point for gold boxes. If all the points are occupied, it is in the queue and dropped to the first vacant point.
  • Only during the match can be dropped no more than 16 gold boxes.
  • When the match ends early, if the Gold box did not manage to fall out after activation, all the boxes from the reset queue are returned to the players.
  • Exception from the last paragraph:
  • If the battle ends by domination, and the box is gone for a reset (a siren sounded, a notification was shown, but the box is in the process of falling), then the store will not return to the player who dropped it.

Holiday Gold Box

Pumkinicon.png Halloween 2018
During the Halloween 2018 celebration the gold boxes were dropped as pumpkins.

Old Gold Box

This gold box used to drop 50 charges used for the ability to teleport in a ranking battle. This gold box is no longer dropped since it is no longer needed.