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How to appeal Violations

If you find a message in the discord server, on the forum or in the game that your account has been blocked, then you have been punished for violating the Rules of the Game. Below is a list of violations of the rules of the Game for which you can incur punishment up to account blocking.

Banned from Discord

You can get a ban or mute in the official discord server. In the case of a temporary blocking, you will be restricted access to the server the ability to message or post photos and respond in discussions until the blocking or mute period expires will be disabled. For a repeated violation of the rules of the server, you can get a permanent ban. Your account can be placed on the “banned list” for:

  • flood, spam, CAPS LOCK;
  • begging;
  • insults, threats, slander;
  • discrimination in any form;
  • posting links to third-party resources;
  • posing as an employee or an assistant administration;
  • violation of the law, incl. on intellectual property law.
  • luring passwords, other account data, sale, purchase, exchange, transfer of an account;
  • fraud;
  • gross violation of the rules of the competition (s) held in the group (with exclusion from the competition);
  • placement of information prohibited by law.

You can read more about the Tanki X Rules here.

Banned from the forum

On the official forum Tanki X, there is a point system. For violation of the rules of the forum, you will be charged penalties in the manner prescribed in this topic. Forum penalties range from restricting user actions for several hours (Read-only mode) to permanent (permanent) account block.

Below is a short list of violations for which you will be awarded penalty points:

  • incorrect design of the topic or message;
  • flood, mate, insults;
  • begging;
  • discrimination, political agitation;
  • plagiarism, offtopic, misinformation, slander;
  • threats of violence in real life, propaganda of alcohol, drugs, propaganda of terrorism, extremism, etc .;
  • the dissemination of sexually explicit information;
  • distribution of illegal software, phishing, fraud, advertising outside projects;
  • discussion, proposals, demand for the sale (exchange) of game resources for real money.

Read more about the Tanki X Forum Rules here.

Blocked account in the game

Your game account can be blocked for:

  • the creation of a banned game nickname containing insults, foul language, advertising, political agitation, elements of extremism, discrimination and others (you can find the full list here )
  • Invalid game behavior :
  • bot breeding;
  • cheating;
  • sabotage;
  • fraud;
  • transfer account to third parties.

I was punished what to do?

If your account is blocked or any other type of punishment is applied to it, you can appeal the decision of the administration.

Appealing a ban in the discord server, or forum

If you do not agree with the ban or punishments, you should:

  1. Write a private message to the Tanki X community manager - Darya Steel (attention, appeals against decisions of moderator consultants in the group are made only in terms of a week or more);
  2. Describe in detail the circumstances in which (or after which) you were placed on the “banned list”;
  3. If there is evidence (for example, screenshots) that refutes your guilt, attach them to the message.

Appealing a game account block

For gross violations of the rules of the game, further account unlocking is impossible. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If you are still sure that you have not violated the rules, or an error has occurred, you must:

  1. Follow this link: https://help.tankix.com/en/tanki-x/forms/free-request ;
  2. Fill out the form, specifying your gaming nickname and email address for feedback;
  3. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible;
  4. If possible, attach screenshots to the form ;
  5. After sending the form, expect a message to the specified email address - a technical support specialist will contact you.