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How to post videos on the Forum

First you need to get a link to the video:

  1. On YouTube, click Share under the video:
  1. You will see a field with a link. Highlight a link by clicking on it, and copy by pressing Ctrl+ C.
  2. Now you can insert a link to the video in your post by pressing Ctrl+ V:

When publishing a link to a video, note that:

  • Short links like <https://youtu.be/video_id> will be automatically embedded as a YouTube player.
  • To display a short link to the video as a link, not a player, use the “Link” button on the formatting panel (above the text entry field) or insert a short link into the message, and then click on the inscription “Your link was automatically built-in. Display as a link.
  • Full format links like <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=video_id> will always be displayed as a link, not as a player.