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How to use PM on the Forum

PM - (English PM - private message - personal message) - a personal message to another player on the forum. Such messages are private and their content is not available to other users on the game forum. You can send a message to the PM, for example, to assistants of the administration if you have any questions or problems, or to any other player, if you need to communicate privately. It is worth remembering that for some categories of players the reception of personal messages may be disabled.

To send a message to the PM, another player needs to:

1. Log in to the forum at http://en.forum.tankix.com/ ;

2. Click the “ Login ” button in the upper right corner, then enter the login and password for your account in “ Tanki X ” in the form that appears.


3. After logging in, press the button with the image of an envelope, then in the appeared window click “New message” to create a new message;


4. In the "To" field, enter the addressee's nickname (game nickname), then enter the subject of the message and enter text in the field below. You can format text, insert images and videos.


Note: the message can not be sent if at least one of the following fields is not filled in: To, Subject, message input field To go on to read the correspondence, again click the button with the image of the envelope, and then click "All messages".