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How to use the Forum

Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • The forum was born on March 4, 2015. At first, it was very small and had only a few sections, but over time, the need for communication between players grew.

The forum is an excellent platform for discussing various topics. At the forum you can communicate with other players, discuss game moments and share successes, you can also find many subsections for communication on many different topics, useful guides, contests, stories and creativity of tank crews, feedback, and, of course, updates in written form where you can discuss them. A beginner will surely find here a lot of useful information from more experienced comrades.

How to log in to the forum?

The forum does not require a separate registration. Registering an account in the game, you automatically register it on the forum. It is worth remembering that the registration dates do not match. Registration on the forum is indicated from the moment of the first entry. In order to log in to the forum, you need to click on the " Login " button in the upper right corner, enter your gaming nickname, password in the form that appears and confirms the "captcha", and then click on the " Login " button.

If everything is entered correctly, the entrance to the forum is complete. Now you can create topics and leave your posts in previously open topics within the forum.

Creating topics and polls

To create a topic, you need to log in to the forum. After logging in, go to the section you need and click on the " Create a topic " button :
You will be taken to the topic editing section:


In the title, specify the name of the topic. The box below is the content of the topic you want to share with others. Try to convey the essence of the topic you want to highlight in the topic you are creating as accurately and volumetrically as possible.

Attention! If you are blocked on the forum, you can not create topics and write messages in all sections of the forum.

You can also create a poll on the subject. When editing or creating a topic above there is a switch "Poll". After clicking on the button, a form for creating a poll appears:


In this form, you have the opportunity to customize the survey that you want to see at the top of the topic. Use this function only when necessary. Polls in topics where they are not needed look out of place.

By the way, in some sections (for example, archives or news from developers) users cannot create topics. In this case, you will not see the " Create a topic " button above the content of the section.

Attention! If you are banned on the forum, then you can not create topics and write messages in all sections of the forum.

Warning System

The order of the forum is monitored by a group of moderators. You can help the moderators of the forum in their work - to complain about the message that violates the rules of the game. To do this, click the " Report post " button above the message that violates the rules.


After that, a form will appear in which you should indicate the reasons why the complaint is sent.

After receiving the complaint, the forum moderators will process it and make a decision: if the message really violates the rules, it will be hidden and its author will be punished.

It should be noted that the ban on the forum applies including to private messages.

When you receive a ban on the forum you will be shown a warning.


If a member receives a warning of any kind they will not be able to post until the warning is acknowledged.

The warning contains the reason and term of the ban and the number of penalty points. The harder the violation, the more penalty points you will receive and the longer the ban will be. After receiving a warning, you must agree to it, otherwise, the ability to leave messages will be blocked.


The penalties or punishments are divided into 4 categories depending on how severe the violation.

  • Post Moderation - all content posted by the member until the time specified will need to be manually approved by a moderator before it can be viewed by the public.
  • Post Restriction - the member will not be able to post until the time specified but is still able to visit and view the forum.
  • Account Suspension - the member will be blocked from visiting and view the forum until the time specified.
  • Account Ban - the member is blocked from visiting and view the forum permanently.


Although ordinary members have a standard avatar and the ability to change the avatar is available only to administrative assistants, partners and the administration of the project, members still have a chance to stand out. Members who have made more than 2,000 posts on the forum after prior consent will be installed the special avatar. If a player has two or more accounts, then the avatar is installed only on the first one that has summed up more posts.

StandardAvatar.png ForumAvatar.png

Standard Avatar     Special Avatar

The most active players on the forum between September 15th, 2017 to September 15th, 2018 were given a bonus reward. A special forum avatar, designed by our mega artist YDZERO.
According to the forum stats, the most active tankers on the forum during this time were:

Forum Tags

The forum posts use BB Code. The table below lists the codes for which there are no separate buttons in the formatting panel, that is, they must be entered directly into the subject of the message.

Tag Assignments

Тag Writing Purpose Example
Аcronym [acronym='Full_text']Abbreviation[/acronym] A tag that allows you to enter an abbreviation, the description of which will be displayed when you hover the mouse pointer over the abbreviation. [acronym='Tanki X']TX[/acronym]
Horizontal Rule [hr] This tag adds a consistent horizontal line above the text. [hr]Text
Media [media][/media] or [youtube][/youtube] The tag allows the user to post media content from a common site. [media]video URL[/media]

[youtube]video URL[/youtube]

Img [img][/img] Tag required to insert images. [img]Image Link[/img]
List [list][/list] List, each element of the list is in this tag separately. [list]number 1[/list]

[list]number 2[/list]

Post Link [post='#post_number]Text[/post] This tag redirects to the player’s post of interest. [post='4213044]Message text[/post]
Spoiler [spoiler]Content[/spoiler] Everything that is placed between the opening and closing tags will be available for viewing only by pressing the spoiler button. [spoiler]Tanki X[/spoiler]
@ @Nickname This tag is the nickname of the player whose profile you want to link to. @Steel
Topic Link [topic='#topic_number]Text[/topic] Tag-hyperlink that provides an easy way to redirect to the topic. [topic='572]Questions and Answers[/topic]
Text-URL [url=link]Text link[/url]. Tag hyperlink that provides an easy way to redirect to any page. [url=http://echo.tankix.com]Support site[/url].