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How to use the Help Site

There are cases when you notice errors or malfunctions of the game, and immediately report them on the forum or on social networks. The site of support at echo.tankix.com works specifically for this purpose.

All your problems are solved individually by employees of the company, as well as with the help of active participants of the resource. Also here are accepted diverse ideas on the game.

Before you post your topic, enter a keyword in the search box (for example, if you want to report a bug on the Silence map — enter Silence and look at recent topics; you want to write an idea about the list of battles — enter “battle list” or “battle filter " etc.). Remember the rule “1 question - 1 topic”. This is important because every mistake or idea may have a different status.

When creating a new topic, pay attention to the “Put in ...” line and select the “Errors” or “Ideas” section in accordance with your task. Expect a response from the project administration.


  • To log in, click on the " Login / Register " button ;


  • In the window that opens, enter the standard login and password - the data you use when entering the game or the forum;


  • Enter the captcha, as well as on the forum.

Game bugs and bugs

Before reporting any bug, look at the list of already known errors.

Thread Creation

  • On the main page of the support site, click on the " Create a theme " button ;
  • Indicate the title and describe in full the essence of the question/problem;


  • Once you have finished writing the text, click " Submit ."


Errors section statuses

  • "Duplicate" - this topic already exists.
  • "Started" - the question is viewed, pay attention to the administrator's comment. If within a week there is no response to the administration's question, the topic closes with the status “Not a mistake”.
  • “Under review” - we suspect that a bug really exists, we need additional information from you, pay attention to the administrator’s comment
  • "Answered" - an answer to the player's question.
  • “Scheduled” - an error was confirmed, the bug was assigned to the developers.
  • “Not a mistake” is not an error or such changes are not planned in the near future.
  • "Fixed" - the bug is already fixed.

Game Ideas

In the "Ideas" section you can write your thoughts on how to improve the game Tanki X or dreams about what you would like to see in the game. If your idea gets more than 50 votes from other players, it will go to the game developers for consideration, and then a decision will be communicated whether this idea is accepted and whether it will be implemented in the game.

Statuses of the “Ideas” section

  • "Duplicate" - this topic already exists.
  • “Started” - the idea has been reviewed, perhaps an explanation is required, pay attention to the administrator’s comment. Vote if you like this idea!
  • "Under review" - the idea gained enough votes and sent to developers for consideration.
  • “Planned” - the idea is accepted for implementation and will appear in the game in one form or another.
  • "Rejected" - the idea is not approved by the developers. Explanations in the comments.
  • “Completed” - the idea is implemented in the game.