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The game interface is the display screen that has menus or controls in which the user can interact.

Garage or Lobby Interface

In the lobby there is only one interface in which you can turn on or off by pressing Alt + /

Battle Interface

There are two battle interfaces a player can choose from by pressing F2:

Developer's comment: "The first version of the new interface called "Focus mode" was designed for new players. It has a familiar format of an average shooter. We worked on a second version of the interface called "Concentration mode" for more experienced tankers. You will be able to switch between modes."

Focus Mode

Concentration Mode

Spectator Interface

In spectator mode, it has the option to turn on or off the battle interface by pressing the Alt + /. This could be very useful for players who are recording or taking a screenshot.

If a spectator needs to turn off specific parts of the interface, they can do so by pressing the \ key each time.

  • one click of this button hides the nickname;
  • two clicks of this button hides: chat, nickname, list of players in the battle;
  • hiding this button three times: chat, nickname and shows the list of players in the battle;
  • four clicks of this button hides the entire interface;