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Legal Q&A

Question: Can I use AlternativaGames lyrics, images or musical compositions on my amateur site? Can I use screenshots of the game on my website?

Answer: You can, with some restrictions. Tanki Online LLC provides the User with a simple, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the Game, including texts, images, musical compositions for personal non-commercial purposes. You cannot modify, analyze, disassemble, decompile, extract the source code or modify the materials of the Game in any other way. You may not post our materials on websites containing defamatory, pornographic or inflammatory materials, including, but not limited to, codes and programs for illegally gaining access to any of our games (cheats) or any other materials that violate the License Agreement and the Game Rules.

Question: Can I create and post a video about the passage of the game on the Internet (website, Youtube service and similar services)?

Answer: You can, with some restrictions. Videos that violate the terms of the License Agreement and the Rules of the game (containing information about cheats, selling / exchanging accounts, etc.) are not allowed. Also, it is not allowed to extract individual objects from our games (for example, soundtracks, music or objects) and distribute them in a separate form. The use of our materials in videos is permitted solely for non-commercial purposes. By this, we mean that you have no right to charge users any fee for viewing your video. You also do not have the right to sell your videos to third parties or to license them if this means making any type of payment. Keep in mind that if the video clip contains materials from third parties (for example, music), then you need to obtain the appropriate permission from their owner.

Question: Can I monetize my videos through the YouTube affiliate program?

Answer: Tanki Online LLC gives you the right to monetize your videos through the YouTube partner program or similar programs on other websites, provided that the video does not violate the terms of the License Agreement and the Game Rules.

Question: Can I register a domain name that contains parts of the names of your games or similar to them - for example, tanki-online.com or tankionilne.com?

Answer: Tanki Online LLC does not allow the use of the names of its products or similar names as part of foreign domains. We believe that such domains can be misleading to our users, who may find that the domain is in any way affiliated with the company.

Question: Can I create and/or distribute codes and programs for illegally gaining access to your games (cheats)?

Answer: No. LLC Tanki Online in no way supports and does not allow the use or distribution of codes and/or programs to gain illegal access to AlternativaGames games.

Question: Can I produce and sell souvenirs (t-shirts, figures, etc.) based on AlternativaGames games?

Answer: The company does not object to the production of souvenirs for personal use for non-commercial purposes. Tanki Online LLC does not allow production for commercial purposes without entering into a special license agreement. To ensure high-quality products under the brand AlternativaGames, all of it is created only under a license, and the manufacturer undergoes certain checks before entering into a license agreement.

Question: Can I use the official Tanki X (Quadrat Grotesk) font for third-party projects on Tanki X?

Answer: To use the Quadrat Grotesk font for third-party projects, you need to obtain a license from Paratype Inc.