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Mars Celebration 2017


In the period from June 23 to July 3, 2017, in Tanki X held a festive event "Mars Celebration." Events about the upcoming celebration were highlighted in the June 22, 2017 issue of Developer Diary # 31.


The first Martian training ground, code-named Ares, was built on Mars in 2102 by order of the head of Frontier Corporation after Antaeus managed to thoroughly gain a foothold in Moon Silence. The base was built under the stamp of strict secrecy and, unfortunately, did not bring the expected result: there were no X crystals in the immediate vicinity of the test site, although expeditions to other parts of Mars brought certain results. The scale of "Ares" made it possible to use the base both as a warehouse of X-crystals and as a center for the exchange of red crystals to blue. The base has become an unofficial center for trading in minerals among fractions not controlled by Antei. Of course, the huge black market could not go unnoticed by the earthly corporation, and enemy tanks arrived on Mars ...

— Unknown Tankman

Thanks to modern technologies, the gravity within the base area now corresponds to the one on Earth. The map will be available with its own Martian gravity, only under the Space Battle mode, when this feature will be released.

During the holiday from June 23 to July 3, the players were waiting for:

  • A new map called "Ares" that has been added to the game.
  • A new container called "Mars" was available in our in-game store for an entire week, at the price of 125 X-crystals.
Paints and Coatings: «Radiation»
Graffiti: «Alien» and «War of the Wolrds»
Graffiti stranger.png Graffiti world of wars.png
Skins «Gold»: for «Wasp» and «Firebird»
Wasp gold.png Firebird Gold.png
Skins «Dreadnought»: for «Wasp» and «Firebird»
Wasp Dreadnaught Updated.png Firebird Dreadnaught.png

Note: items that players took out of the containers remained in their garage forever.

Additionally, other skins from the Dreadnought series are temporarily available for sale at the price of 850 X-crystals. These are the Dreadnought skins for Thunder and Dictator, which were available exclusively during the celebrations for Cosmonautics Day.

The Mars container and the Dreadnought skins for Thunder and Dictator were removed from the store on July 3rd, with the morning update. The exact time will be announced a day or two before the end of the sale.