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May Holidays 2018

May holidays.jpg

In the period from May 1 to May 13, 2018, held in Tanki X festive event "May holidays". Events about the upcoming holiday were highlighted in the April 19, 2018 issue of Episode # 1.

During the holiday, the players were waiting for:

  • May 1 - 4 - double experience for all battles;
  • May 1 - 13 - 30% discount on all packages of X-crystals!
  • May 8 - 11 - double experience for all battles;
  • The opportunity to receive a reward for the battle or buy in the garage (before the morning restart on May 13) unique containers " May I ", " May II " and " May III ", which contained:
May 1-4 - "May I"
Paints and Coatings: "Spring Colors" and "Needles"
Graffiti: "First of May"
Graffiti mayday.png
Skins «Steel» for: «Hammer» and «Titan»
Hammer Steel.pngTitan steel.png
Skins «Victory Day» for: «Smoky» and «Hunter»
Smoky Victory Day.pngHunter victory day.png
May 5-8 - "May II"
Paints and Coatings: "Triangle" and "Digital"
Graffiti: «Balloons»
Skins «Steel»: for «Shaft» and «Mammoth»
Shaft Steel.pngMammoth Steel.png
Skins «Victory Day» for: «Thunder» and «VIking»
Thunder Victory Day.pngViking victory day.png
May 9-12 "May III"
Paints and Coatings : "Red Banner" and "Guerrilla"
Graffiti: «Eternal Flame»
Skins «Steel»: for «Isida» and «Wasp»
Isida Steel.pngWasp steel.png
Skins «Victory Day»: for «Railgun» and «Hornet»
Railgun Victory Day.pngHornet victory day.png
  • All three-holiday containers could be purchased in the “Containers” section at a price of ♦ 125 X-crystals.
  • The new “Banner” paint could also be received as a gift upon purchase of the 3rd and 5th packages of X-crystals.
  • New paint “Spring” could also be received as a gift when buying the 4th and 6th package of X-crystals.

The containers " May I ", " May II " and " May III " were given to the players for the battles randomly under the following conditions:

  • The player has earned at least 100 battle points (battle points are displayed under the star icon in the table by the button Tab).
  • The player completed this battle and waited for the distribution of points.