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New Year's 2019


In the period from December 25, 2018 to January 10, 2019 in Tanki X held a festive event "New Year 2019", introduced in the game, along with an update on the 12/25/18.

Events about the upcoming holiday were covered in the release of TX News # 4, released on December 11, 2018.

During the holiday from December 25, 2018, to 10:00 Moscow time on January 10, 2018, the players were waiting for:

  • A festive atmosphere in the game;
  • New Year's Battle of Corporations;
  • New Year rating season;
  • Holiday promotions;
  • Competitive snowflake raffle (RU).

During the holidays in the game had a variety of promotions.

  • New Year's double X-crystals from the morning of December 28 to New Year's midnight 23:59 Moscow time on December 31.
  • Christmas double experience in battles from the morning of January 5 to 23:59 Moscow time on January 7.
  • In the New Year - with a new nickname! All holidays, changing the name in the game will cost 50% cheaper - 300 X-crystals instead of 600!
  • And during weekly sales, you can purchase epic holiday items such as Frost skins and a variety of paints. The shares will be held on December 24-28, December 31 - January 4, January 7-11.
Graffiti: «Frontier» and «Poster»
Frontier graffiti2.png Graffiti poster.png
Paints: «Frontier», «Termite» and «Andromeda»
PaintFrontier.png Frontier.png Andromeda.png
Premium: for «1-3x Days» or «1-3x Quests»
PremiumIconActive.png Premiumquest2.jpg
Graffiti: «Antaeus» and «Giant»
Antaeus graffiti2.png Giantgraffiti.png
Paints: «Antaeus», «Antares» and «Orion»
PaintAntaues.png Antaeus.png Orion.png
Premium: for «1-3x Days» or «1-3x Quests»
PremiumIconActive.png Premiumquest2.jpg

Note: items that players took out of the containers remained in their garage forever.

The container “Antaeus Support or Frontier Support” was given to the players for the battles randomly under the following conditions:

  • If you played more than half of the battle and actively destroyed opponents.
  • You waited for the battle to end.