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Payment Issues

Players might encounter payment issue from various reasons, such as bad internet connection during the payment process or even troubles with the payment system or the bank.

Declined payment

If you are trying to make a payment and it's not going through (you are not charged with the amount and you get an error of it being declined), there are several reasons for this to happen:

  1. Not enough funds on the account you're trying to make the payment with. Make sure you add funds to your card, mobile phone, or eWallet and try making the payment again.
  2. Issues with the payment system or the bank. Try making the payment at a later time. If you are still unable to make the payment in a timeframe of 24 hours or more, make sure to notify us about it.

The crystals have not been credited

If you were charged for a certain amount of crystals but they have not been credited to your account, you will have to send us a ticket.

Please note that we will need to make sure that it was you who made the payment and that you were really charged for the amount of uncredited crystals, and for this, we will require you to provide some accurate data:

  • your in-game nickname;
  • payment method;
  • transaction number or mobile number (if the transaction was made via mobile phone);
  • date and time of the payment;
  • the charged amount;
  • email address (the one that is confirmed on your game account);
  • a screenshot of the payment operation or an electronic receipt.

As soon as you send us a ticket, we will make sure to contact you on the provided email address with a solution to your issue.