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Presets - sets of weapons, they can be installed in the garage . Each such set consists of the turret, hull, modules, ammunition, graffiti, paint, skins, and coating that you put into it.

Please note: presets can be changed before the start of the battle, quickly selecting the desired one from the pop-up list when you click.
There are 20 slots for presets:

  • the first slot is open to all players from the start of the game;
  • the second opens at rank 6 ;
  • the third slot can be purchased for 50 ♦;
  • fourth through sixth - for 95 ♦.
  • then increases by 5 ♦ for each next preset.

How to assemble a preset?

In order to collect the preset you need:

  1. Press the "Garage" button on the main screen;
  2. Choose a turret and hull, if desired, paint, coating, skins, graffiti, ammunition, and modules.
  3. After the done actions, the preset will be saved automatically.

To change the preset to another, you need to click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen in the "Garage".

You can also give a preset a name, for this you need to click the "Edit" button next to the name of the preset.

Horizon Squad Presets

Recruits have the opportunity to test drive pre-made presets from the horizon squad for a limited time. Players can only go into battle three times on a specific preset. After testing the preset players have the chance to purchase the preset.