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Problems installing the game

Check the minimum system requirements.

  1. Through "Add or Remove Programs" delete TankiX;
  2. Make sure that the disk has 2 GB of free space;
  3. Install the game https://tankix.com/en/download/?download=auto ;
  4. Recommendation: Try to wait for the game to download the update completely, without pressing the " Play " button.

Driver problems

For the game to work correctly, you need to install the latest version of DirectX and drivers. To find and install the latest drivers on your computer, you can use the Driver Pack. Also on a laptop or PC with two video cards (discrete and integrated), the game can run on an integrated one and work with large lags or not at all. Use the instructions in the article " How to start the game on a discrete video card ."

Other startup problems

In some cases, access to the game may be blocked by your antivirus/firewall or computer owner rights. Try the following measures:

  • cancel scan of game files in your antivirus (set permission);
  • run the game in a different mode (window / fullscreen);
  • clean the computer using the CCleaner program and turn off all "heavy" processes before starting the game;
  • run the game as administrator;
  • run the game in compatibility mode with another version of Windows.

The cause of the problem is not clear

Perhaps there is a temporary problem in the game, pay attention to the latest game news and topics on the support site (use the same username and password to log in as the game) If you were unable to figure out the cause and solve the problem yourself, report it to the support site: echo.tankix.com .