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Daily quests, are a great way of obtaining crystals and containers. Every day, players get 3 tasks to perform for a certain reward. However, if you do not complete your tasks for one day, you will have the opportunity to perform all the tasks 6 at once, one after another (but no more than six). You can not skip, or replace quests, the only way to do that is by completing them.

Types of Quests

  • Win a number of team battles;
  • Play a number of battles in specific modes;
  • Earn a certain amount of battle points;
  • Catch supply boxes in battle;
  • Deliver a number of flags;
  • Destroy a number of tanks.

Note: A player can replace 1 quest per day, where as a player with premium account can replace upto 2 quests a day
A bonus requirement for completing any of the above quests can be the usage of a certain turret or hull or even playing on a certain game mode. These quests can reward Crystals, X-crystals, or even various containers. The harder and the rarer the quest is, the higher the reward will be.
After every battle, you are taken to the quests screen and shown your progress on them. If you have completed all quests, then you will see a timer instead which shows, when will you get the next set of quests.

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Quests can be finished only if there is someone else in the battle with you in DM mode or a player in the enemy team for team battles.