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Spectator Mode

Spectator mode is a feature built into the game, which is an opportunity to enter any battles where your friend is located (regardless of the availability) in the free camera mode. This mode does not have a tank on the battlefield and can in no way affect what is happening on the map. But he can move around the entire space of the map.

How to enter the battle in spectator mode

You can get into the battle in spectator mode only if your friend is in it. For this you need:

  1. In the lower right corner, click on the friend's button Friends.png Friends and select any friend who is in the battle.
  2. Click on their nickname and open the dropdown, then click the "spectate" button.

Spectator Controls

Action Keyboard 1 Keyboard 2 Mouse
Camera movement and rotation W, A, S, D Up Arrow
Tilt the camera up Q Page Up Wheel Up
Tilt the camera down E Page Down Wheel Down
Speed ​​up movement Shift
Slow down Alt
  • one click of this button hides the nickname;
  • two clicks of this button hides: chat, nickname, list of players in the battle;
  • hiding this button three times: chat, nickname and shows the list of players in the battle;
  • four clicks of this button hides the entire interface;
View battle statistics and enable cursor Tab
Take a screenshot F12
Save (fix) the camera position Ctrl + 1-5
Move to saved (fixed) position 1-5
Fixing the height of the camera flight Space
MouseOrbit (allows you to rotate the camera 180 ° in the upper hemisphere, being hooked to the player) M
Switch players down the list Down Arrow Left Click
Switch players up the list Up Arrow Right Click
Exit Spectator Mode Esc