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Supply Drops

The supply box allows you to boost a certain characteristic of your tank depending on the type of the supply in battle. These boxes drop from the sky on certain predefined spots on the map, during a battle. They activate upon impact with your tank.

Types of supplies

Supply drop Description Drop Zone
Repair kit
Activates the “healing” effect, which restores a part of health instantly, and a part over a period of time, removing both freezing and heating effect. Drop RA.png
Enhanced Armor
Adds an additional layer of armor to your tank, that reduces the amount of damage taken. Drop DA.png
Increased Damage
Activates the effect of "Increased Damage", which increases the damage of the gun by a random value. Drop DD.png
Speed boost
Increases the maximum movement speed of your tank. Drop NA.png
Gold box
Adds 1,000 blue crystals to your account. Read more: Gold Box Drop gold.png
Halloween 2018 Gold box
During the Halloween 2018 celebration the gold boxes were dropped as pumpkins. Adds 1,000 blue crystals to your account. Read more: Gold Box Drop gold.png
(Old) Gold box

Adds 50 charges to your account. Read more: Gold Box
Note: this gold box is no longer dropped.
Drop gold.png

Features of the work of drop and drop zones

  • The boxes remain on the card until someone takes them;
  • Drop in one zone begins to fall after 180 seconds after the selection of the previous one;
  • The gold box drops out 20 seconds after the alert;
  • At the end of the battle, all the boxes are removed from the map.