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Tankers Day 2017 & OBT Anniversary

Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • Over the year, developers have released more than 100 updates, 5 new maps, a number of mechanics absolutely new to the game.


In the period from September 10 to September 18, 2017, a festive celebration was held in Tanki X in honor of "Tankers Day" and "OBT Anniversary". Events about the upcoming celebration were highlighted in the September 15, 2017 issue of Developers Diary # 37.

Holiday Dates

The holiday was held in the game from 5:00 Moscow time on September 10 to 5:00 Moscow time on September 18.

During the holiday from September 10 to September 18, 2017, the players were waiting for:

Enhanced Funds and Experience

Throughout the week, funds and experience in battles grew by leaps and bounds until they reached their maximum by the end of the week! It was the best time to properly upgrade and earn extra crystals;)

  • September 10-11 - we increase funds and experience by 25%
  • September 12-13 - we increase funds and experience by 50%
  • September 14-15 - we increase funds and experience by 75%
  • September 16-17 - we increase funds and experience by 100%

Holiday Items

All week, a reward for the battles was to get the “Birthday: Paint” container, which contained all the holiday colors of last year, as well as one new and the rarest paint - “TX: 1 year”. Note: it was possible to get a chance for a festive container as a reward for the battle if the player scored at least 200 points in it.

The contents of the container "Birthday: paint"
Paints: “Halloween”, “Ice” and “Andromeda”, “Spark”, “Starry Sky”, “Vostok-1”, “Triangle”, “Radiation” and “TX: 1 Year”.
Halloween.png Ice.png Andromeda.png Spark.png Starry Sky.png
Vostok-1.png Triangle.png Radiation.png Paint1year.png

In the store for 850 ♦ X-crystals you can buy a container “Birthday: skins” containing last year's holiday skins:

The content of the container "Birthday: skins"
Skins for the turret and the hull : "Frost", "Defender", "Bumblebee-83", "Dreadnought" and "Victory Day"
Wasp frost.png Freeze Frost.png Hunter defender.png Smoky Defender.png Wasp bumblebee.png
Isida Bumblebee.png Wasp Dreadnaught Updated.png Firebird Dreadnaught.png Dictator Dreadnought.png Thunder Dreadnought.png
Hornet victory day.png Hunter victory day.png Viking victory day.png Smoky Victory Day.png Thunder Victory Day.png Railgun Victory Day.png

For the symbolic price of 2017 ♦ blue crystals in the garage you can buy a festive graffiti “TX: 1 year”.
Graffiti tanki x 1 year.png

Promotions in the store

The first promotion is valid from 5:00 Moscow time on September 10 to 5:00 Moscow time on September 11:

  • 50% bonus on all types of payments;
  • 60% bonus when depositing via PayPal and Qiwi.


From September 10 to September 17, 2017, the Big Rally contest was held at all venues of the game: every day the administration of the project played a number of prizes. Also, throughout the week, various contests were held at various venues of the game, small and larger.

And something else

New cool tank wallpaper Birthday 2017 at the link - download and put on your desktop!