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Tanki X on Steam

Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • "Tanki X" came out on Steam on April 20, 2017.
  • In honor of the release of the game on the Steam platform, in the garage for a few days, the Steam skins for the Twins gun and the Mammoth were on sale.

Steam is a gaming social network and one of the world's largest digital game distribution services. Steam-version of the game is available in the Steam store by reference. The Steam version is only a kind of interface to the game: all the players are in the same game space, regardless of what they play through Steam or the client. Steam provides such useful functions as a game library, a list of friends, chat, and calls, a game overlay, etc. It is worth using the Steam version if you are actively using Steam. Then “Tanki X” will simply replenish your collection, and you will be able to launch them just like your other Steam games.


To play Tanki X through Steam, you must have an account on Steam (login/register) and an installed Steam client on your computer (download).

When installing the game, Steam downloads a client similar to a regular game client, which can be downloaded on the Tanki X website. Then, when you start the game on Steam, this particular client will be launched.

When you first start the game via Steam, registration in the game will occur automatically, the system will create an account with your nickname Steam. If the nickname is busy or invalid, a random nickname will be picked up and it will be possible to change it for free once.

Shopping on Steam

All in-game purchases for real money are paid through Steam. Use the payment methods provided by Steam, or the money in your Steam account. For more information and assistance on payment, look at Steam.