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Valentine's Day 2017


In the period from February 14 to February 17, 2017, Tanki X hosted the festive celebration “Valentine's Day”, introduced into the game along with the update of 02/14/17. Within the framework of the holiday, all players got the opportunity to purchase a unique holiday paint and thematic graffiti.

Events about the past holiday were covered in the issue of Developer Diaries # 22, released on February 16, 2017.

The celebration of Valentine's Day in the game was held with the following promotions and offers:

  • The cost of improving weapons has been reduced by 25% , provided that your skill is higher than the level of improvement (if the "Improve" button is green, then there is a discount);
  • Three times the frequency of falling gold boxes and supplies in battles was increased ;
  • In the “ Paints ” section, a new “ Spark ” paint was available for purchase for 250 ♦;
  • In the “ Graffiti ” section, new graffiti “ Red Heart ” and “ Blue Heart ” were available for purchase , they can be purchased for 2000 ♦ or 115 ♦.

On February 17, 2017, at 08:00 Moscow time, the festive action and holiday items were removed from the game.

Unique paint Thematic Graffiti

Spark paint was sold in the Garage in the Paints section for 250 ♦.
Graffiti redheart.png Graffiti blueheart.png

Graffiti “Red Heart” and “Blue Heart” were sold in the Garage in the “Graffiti” section for 2000 ♦. There was also an alternative opportunity to purchase graffiti for 115 ♦.

Note: tankers who managed to acquire unique paint and graffiti during the holiday, after it ended, they stayed in their garage forever.