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Valentine's Day 2019


In the period from February 13 to February 18, 2019, Tanki X hosted the festive celebration “Valentine 's Day”, introduced into the game along with the update of 02/13/19.
During the holiday, all players got the opportunity to purchase unique holiday colors and new epic avatars.

The celebration of Valentine's Day in the game was held with the following promotions and offers:

  • The frequency of gold box drop was increased 14 times;
  • In the paints section, the “Spark” paint was available for purchase for 499 ♦ and and “Arrows of Love” for 399 ♦;
  • In the avatars section 2 new avatars “Pacman” and “Pink” were available for purchase, they can be purchased for 129 ♦;
  • Double X-crystals for any X-crystal purchase.

On February 18, 2019, at 00:00 Moscow time, the festive action and holiday items were removed from the game.

Paints: «Spark» and «Arrows of Love»
Spark.png Arrowsoflove.png
Avatars: «Pacman» and «Pink»
Pacman.png Pinkavatar.png