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Warriors Glory Day 2018


In the period from February 23 to February 26, 2018, a festive action “Warriors Glory Day” was held in Tanki X. Events about the upcoming holiday were highlighted in the issue of Developer Diaries # 45, released on February 14, 2018.


Hundreds of years ago, wars were fought by people and every battle was a disaster, which meant the loss of hundreds of human lives. Now armed clashes do not threaten death due to unmanned control of the "X" tanks, but in memory of past wars and in honor of skillful tank pilots, the world continues to honor all the military at the end of February each year. The days of military glory are marked by tank parades and increased rewards for battles from corporations.

— Unknown Tankman

During the holiday from February 23 to 8:00 Moscow time on February 26, the players were waiting for:

  • 50% bonus when buying X crystals ;
  • 2 times more chance of gold box drop in battles;
  • The opportunity to receive a reward for the battles or buy in the garage (before the morning restart on February 26) a unique container “Warriors Golry Day 2018”, which contains:
Paints: «Forester», «Dirty», «Taiga» and «Military»
Forest.png Dirt.png Taiga.png Military.png
Ammunition: for turrets «Twins» and «Firebird»
Twins violet.png Fire red.png
Graffit: «Serge»
Skins «Defender»: for «Hunter» and «Smoky»
Hunter defender.png Smoky Defender.png

Note: items that players took out of the containers remained in their garage forever.

The “Warriors Glory Day 2018” container was issued to players for battles randomly under the following conditions:

  • The player has earned at least 100 battle points (battle points are displayed under the star icon in the table by the button Tab).
  • The player completed this battle and waited for the distribution of points.