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This hull was specifically designed to cater to the needs of private armies around the world. The Wasp makes short work of old-style tanks, and it is also a valuable tool to fighting modern wars. It can quickly cover distances, and it is easily able to escape enemy fire. It is designed to intercept and engage a cornered enemy in a Blitzkrieg-style battle. This hull poorly resists blows and can even flip over when hit by heavy shells. But it will faithfully serve those that can avoid enemy fire.


  • Unlock Rank: Rookie 02.png
  • Price: ♦ 500 Crystals or ♦ 100 X-Crystals


Wasp I
Wasp II
Wasp gold.png
Wasp Gold
Wasp steel.png
Wasp Steel
Wasp frost.png
Wasp Frost
Wasp bumblebee.png
Wasp Bumblebee
Characteristics of Wasp min max
Health (HP) 1500 2100
Weight (ton) 2000
Damping 900
Max Speed (m/s) 11.3
Acceleration (m/s) 13
Reverse acceleration (m/s) 16
Side acceleration (m/s) 21
Turn speed (º/s) 120
Turn acceleration (º/s) 143.3
Reverse turn acceleration (º/s) 333