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In the period from April 11 to April 16, 2019, in Tanki X held a festive event "Cosmonautics Day 2019".

During the holiday from April 11 to 12:00 Moscow time on April 16, players were waiting for:

  • The legendary Avatar "Stormtrooper" when buying a 4-6 package of X-crystals ;
  • The opportunity to receive a reward for the battles or buy in the garage (before the morning restart on April 16) a unique container “Cosmonautics Day 2019”, which contains:
Paints and Coatings: «Galaxy»
Ammunition: RGK-03 «Thor» for the turret «Hammer»
Hammer lightning.png
Граффити: «Cosmos Х», «Let's Go!» and «Up!»
CosmosX.png Graffiti gagarin.png Graffiti up.png
Skins «Dreadnought»: for «Dictator» and «Thunder»
Dictator Dreadnought.png Thunder Dreadnought.png
Avatars: «Jedi», «Dead Space», and «Stormtrooper»
Avatar423.JPG Avatar424.jpg Stormtrooperavatar.jpg

Note: items that players took out of the containers remained in their garage forever.

The Cosmonautics Day 2019 container was issued to players for battles randomly under the following conditions:

  • The player has earned at least 100 battle points (battle points are displayed under the star icon in the table by the button Tab).
  • The player completed this battle and waited for the distribution of the fund.