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Discounts are special offers to purchase items at a reduced price. Such items are marked with a special icon in the store. The discounted price of the items are displayed on the Buy button at the same time a preview of the item, if it is a Turret, Hull, Paint or a Container, the prices remain original and crossed out, and the discounted price is written next to it so that you can see how much the discount affects the price.
Note  : If you have any available discounts, the button leading to the store is marked with a special sign.

Types of Discounts

Holiday Offers

Events on special occasions, such as New Year, Birthday of Tanki etc. and other major festivities, usually come with special holiday discounts. These discounts vary from about 25% - 50% (The numbers mentioned here are taken from practice and are merely a speculation, NOT an official confirmation)

Weekly Sales

These are regular sales, which take place in the game every week and apply to a small group of items from the garage, where the discount is 25%, sometimes Rare items are also put on sale.