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Halloween 2017

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Tips.png Interesting Facts
  • More than 5 thousand tankers used an altered mine spider during Halloween (5,483).
  • For five days, the valiant tankers managed to pump well and even set a few records. Increased points brought players more than 190 million experience points from the battles for the holiday (191 183 936).


In the period from October 27 to November 1, 2017, in Tanki X held a festive event in honor of Halloween, introduced in the game, along with an update on the 25/10/17.

Events about the upcoming holiday were covered in the issue of Developer Diaries # 39, released on October 26, 2017.

During the festive action from October 27 to November 1, 2017 the players were waiting for:

Elevated Points

  • October 27 - 113%;
  • October 28 - 140%;
  • October 29 - 160%;
  • October 30 - 180%;
  • October 31 - 200%;

Holiday Items

The atmosphere of the holiday was added by new unusual items that can be purchased in the garage for symbolic amounts.

  • Graffiti "Spider" for 666 ♦ crystals;
  • Ammunition for the turret "Twins" for 213 ♦ X-crystals;
  • Projectile for the "Railgun" turret for 213 ♦ X-crystals.
Ammunition: SP-99 «Orange» for the turret «Twins» and «Orange» for the turret «Railgun»
OrangeTwins.png OrangeRailgun.png
Graffiti: «Halloween 2017»
Paints: «Halloween 2017»

Super action!

When you purchase a package from 750 ♦ X-crystals and above (that is, except for the first two) you are guaranteed to receive a new Halloween 2017 paint as a gift!

In the screenshots above, the price is indicated taking into account the shares for the first purchase of crystals and in euros.

Catch Halloween Contest

Rumor has it that during All Saints Day not only human souls enter the world, but at the hottest spots, you can find a strange tank - the embodiment of the Halloween spirit ... Its frightening weapons inspire fear even experienced tankers, it shimmers with orange lights at night, and he is always accompanied by a large spider ...

It was possible to track down Halloween only in fast battles, it could be recognized by the identification marks of the tank:

  • Appears exclusively in ranked battles under the nickname Halloween;
  • Silent
  • Dressed in Halloween 2017
  • Bears the rank of "Legend";
  • As of modules he prefers to use the Spider-Mine;
  • By the code phrase “Who lives at the bottom of the Underworld?” can give out a promo code to the chat (once per battle).

You can find out all the details of the mysterious tank on the forum: "Catch Halloween"

Halloween Stream

On October 31, the AlternativaGames development studio hosted a special costume stream with the developers. The steam included: a guessing contest, handing out promo codes, fun battles with a gold drops and, of course, communication with players.

Leading Stream:
  • Darya Steel (Community Manager);
  • Maxim Khusainov (Community Manager);
Stream guests:
  • Vladimir Beletsky (Product Manager) ;
  • Anna Kudryashova (Analyst) ;
  • Sergey Loshkaryov (UX / UI designer) .

And also ...

During the whole holiday, instead of the usual robot mines, the tanks were chased by real spiders.