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In the period from October 26 to November 5, 2018, in Tanki X held a festive event in honor of Halloween.

During the festive action from October 26 to November 5, 2018, the players were waiting for:

Misty Garage

At the entrance to the game, all the players were greeted with a foggy garage. Or is it a swamp haze through which only swamp lights can bring out? Will Jack Lights help with this?

Pumpkin Golds

Once, at midnight, all the golden boxes turned into sinister pumpkins.

Sinister pumpkins
Bale of Sinister Pumpkins A pile of Sinister Pumpkins Wagon of Ominous Pumpkins Mountain of Sinister Pumpkins Appearance of the Gold Box
8 Pieces
80 Pieces
800 Pieces
1000 Pieces
79 Rubles 499 Rubles 3749 Rubles 3990 Rubles
Important: the stock is activated in the battle by pressing a key 5, it can be reassigned in the game settings.

Halloween Container

The seeker will find, the waiting one will wait, but the main thing, as you know, is not desire - but action. For the battles during the event period, you could get new Halloween 2018 holiday containers.

Container «Halloween 2018» Graffiti «Monster» Paint «Spider Web» Paint «Depth» Paint «Autumn Leaves» Skin «Inferno Firebeid» Skin «Inferno Dictator»
Halloween2018.png Monster.png SpiderWeb.png Depth.png AutumnLeaves.png Firebird inferno.png Dictator inferno.png

Holiday Map

How could one get into this mysterious place? As the saying goes, the demon knows him ... If Lake Hell wants it, it will come to you.

To get on the most dangerous and strange map of the existing Tanki X in the world was possible only by chance. Oddities were supplemented by the fact that although the map was encountered in the rating mode, no rating was charged for it, but in it, you could get more battle points.

  • Little is known about this place:
    • Lake Hell is similar to the Sandbox, only several times larger.
    • The map worked in DM mode, and there was no rating on the game (but battle points, containers, and also a series of battles were awarded).
    • The map came across only in rating battles with a small chance. In closed battles, the map was missing.
    • Up to 20 players could play on the map.
    • On the map you could find many easter eggs.