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History of Tanki X

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Proper history

The story of Tanki X started back in 2011, when AlternativaPlatform announced the development of Tanki 2.0 — an improved version of Tanki Online. In Spring 2012, the Tanki 2.0 (as a separate project) was put on hold, and the work that was done until that point (anti-aliasing, shadows, dynamic lighting, updated models etc.) was implemented in Tanki Online. However, AlternativaPlatform’s desire to create a new, more technologically advanced and modern project did not fade:

  • March 21st, 2014 -  the team announces the Tanki Online remake, developed on the Unity engine.
  • February 1st. 2016 - the project receives the name TANKI X, and goes into Closed Beta Testing.
  • September 15th, 2016 - the Open Beta Testing starts.

Storyline History


The world's largest commodity corporations are signing a secret agreement (bypassing governments) on coordinating the economic struggle (CES) for the international energy market.


Production partners are joining the participants of the CAB agreement. Since that time, the market of raw materials, its derivatives and equipment of the countries of the golden billion is under private control of private capital and is not controlled by the governments of even the largest economies of the Western world.


Developing countries respond to the threat of economic pressure bypassing governments. Large capitalists (from among those who do not like the idea of ​​the monopoly of the CES) are trying to sign an agreement on counteracting the imposed monopoly. But because of the difference in interests, the signing breaks down and the agreements reached do not form an adequate response to the challenge of the monopolist.


Attempts by state intervention and the threat of the appearance of equal competitors force the CES participants to take decisive action: with the support of their generous investments, a series of mass tenders is launched to create more private military companies. From now on, the largest contingent of mercenary armies is part of the CES.


The members of the CEC legalize their status and officially announce the creation of a corporation, which is called "Antey".

Antey states the need to establish a world economic monopoly for more efficient and rational distribution of fuel and valuable production resources.

To achieve the goal, it is necessary to abandon the free market, and therefore, to prohibit the existence of business outside the corporation. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to abandon the state control over economic processes, and therefore the corporation must include whole states in its structure, abolishing the political boundaries between them. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to use both economic instruments and forceful methods of removing barriers.

Thus, 60% of the world economy acquired the name "Antey" and set a goal to unite all the holders of capital in the corporation. For the next 15 years, the corporation has conquered the world, by force or economically suppressing the seats of resistance to monopoly one after another.


The appearance in the solar system of unidentified objects, which are initially classified as comets, is recorded.


Unidentified objects ("comets") change their behavior. Scientists consider such processes a sign of meaningful navigation in outer space, but they do not find additional evidence of their suspicions.


Creation of the first prototypes of military equipment under the general name Tank "X".

The "X" tank is a tank type unmanned combat equipment adapted to conduct combat operations in the extreme conditions of a super-aggressive external environment.

The key tasks of creating the Tank "X":

Excluding the crew of the tank and replacing it with one remote operator; the possibility of rapid production of a combat unit with the help of a mobile plant from harvested spare parts; simplicity of combining spare parts for easy adaptation of the combat unit to the assigned tasks.


Antey announces the establishment within its structure of the Military Council, which should reform the armed forces of the organization, eliminate the risks of using a multitude of individual paramilitary structures and become the basis of a new society.


"Antey" accumulates almost 100% of the world economy, excludes the state model of society management and becomes a monopoly guarantor of the development of human civilization.


"Antey" initiates the process of consecutive dissolution of private military organizations that remained outside the new armed forces.


"Antey" faces dissatisfaction with some of its former structures, which is associated with reforms that exclude their existence. Armed encounters with disparate opponents of reforms in various parts of the world begin.


Opponents of reforms and economic opposition "Antey" organize the corporation "Frontier" .

Frontier sets itself the task of opposing a monopoly with the goal of restoring the world economy to the format of a free market.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to stop the existence of the Antey corporation. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to seize the initiative in the extraction and production of the most important resources. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to become equal to the "Antey" in terms of military capabilities, and therefore the main weapon of war is the enemy's weapon - Tank "X". The advantage of Frontier is the fact that most of the engineers and scientists who took part in the development of these tanks remained on the side of Frontier.


"Front" is able to intercept the initiative for a short time in battles and support its supporters in Latin America, Russia, India, and Africa.


Unknown space objects ("comets") provoke the meteorite bombardment of the planets throughout the solar system. A huge number of asteroids suddenly change their trajectories and rush to the Earth.

Communications are being destroyed, some cities and space stations are dying. "Antey" and "Frontier" are forced to virtually cease hostilities and tackle the survival of mankind.

For a decade, humanity is plunged into the chaos of the catastrophe. "Antey" and "Frontier" continue to exist, but are busy securing their future. Local fights are being fought, but on very small scales. However, the technology of the tank "X" is being actively improved in the conditions of cataclysm.


Over the entire surface of the Earth in meteorite craters, growing crystals of extraterrestrial origin are found.


Studies of the new mineral showed its exceptional efficiency in the production of fuel and materials. The incredible possibilities of using the new resource made crystals an important resource for humanity in the conditions of a global cataclysm.

A dangerous feature of mankind is the dangerous feature of a new resource: crystals grow uncontrollably in size and, with an increase in their mass, can radically change the climate, provoke storms and storms, and change the temperature of the environment in large areas.

Rare "alpha-veins" (no more than 2-3% of the total volume of the detected mineral) are the heart of crystalline massifs. They are difficult to find and even more difficult to develop. The struggle for valuable deposits becomes a new stumbling block in the confrontation between the Antei and Frontier organizations.

After the discovery of the crystals


Mankind is actively exploring crystals and unsuccessfully trying to stop climate change and geography of the Earth. But the changes are irreversible: the polar caps of ice noticeably decrease, the water level around the world rises, the coastal cities are flooded, the crystals cover vast territories, forming new mountain ranges, plateaus and islands.

Mass resettlement provokes a series of conflicts. People are fighting for habitable territories. "Antey" and "Frontier" have the most resources and lead this confrontation.

Most of the largest cities are abandoned by people - by the forces of opposing organizations, the population has been transported to platforms in the ocean and land suitable for agriculture.

Since the discovery of the most important qualities of crystals, "Antey" and "Frontier" are looking for use in industry, they are haphazard mining of the mineral throughout the planet.


The research complex of the prison type " Silence " was seized by the forces of Frontier. In the prison laboratories, scientists' records of "Antey" on research of the effect of crystals on various materials are found. One of the documents is entitled "Spreading the field", the content of which will be the basis for the most important technological breakthrough.


The spontaneous development of deposits of crystals is greatly slowed down, the geography of the planet from that moment remains almost unchanged, the processes of resettlement are suspended.

"Antey" and "Frontier" consolidate a part of human-friendly territories on Earth, integrate crystals into the technological and economic development of mankind, and also adopt technology for the extraction of crystals on an industrial scale.

In addition, they integrate crystals into military programs - they use technologies (weapons, armor, fuel, etc.) in the Tank X project.

In the territories of many cities left during the resettlement of cities, crystal deposits are found . This provokes the return of part of the population to participate in the extraction of the most valuable mineral on Earth.


The forces of the scientific team of Frontier specialists and hired employees are completing a large-scale study based on the document seized in Tishin . The opening of the "Spreading Field" - technologies for the transport of goods and equipment.

Analysis of the experiments of "Antey" formed the basis of the scientific project of a team of specialists led by the best minds of Frontier. A year and a half of research and development led to the creation of a technology for moving objects with a crystalline coating over significant distances. The use of technology in military developments makes it possible to supply Tanks "X" to the area of ​​combat operations immediately from the plant, bypassing transportation and the dangerous landing stage.

Frontier scientists, who conducted original research, continued to work secretly at Antey in the same direction, as a result of which very soon mercenaries around the world got at their disposal the technology of scattering the field.


On the territory of Russia, to the west of the Ural Mountains, Antey bases the world's first crystalline complex West-Prime . During the year, the development of technology for the extraction of crystals has been successfully completed. Simultaneously, Frontier is developing a permanent extraction of crystals in the Andes.

The demand of the corporation "Antey" in crystals grows and causes dangerous experiments to stimulate the growth of crystals . West Prime becomes the first victim of the owners' greed: the rapid growth of the mineral provokes crystal storms and the neighborhoods of the complex become unfit for the existence of a crystalline infrastructure. The corporation "Antey" is forced to leave its property for an indefinite period.


2094 (update "Iran")

The Iranian conflict. "Antey" Corporation detects the "Frontier" crystalline complexes in Iran and transfers large forces from Europe to seize deposits. This forces Frontier to pull its troops from North America to the sand dunes of Iran.

2099 (updating West-Prime)

Corporation Frontier is discovering the crystalline complex West-Prime . The storm in the region settled down, and the already developed deposit of crystals again became available for operation. Expeditionary "Frontier" ahead of the former owners of the enterprise. But Antey is not going to give away its valuable assets without a fight: battles for West-Prime start.

2101 (updating "Area-159")

In this secret laboratory of the corporation "Antey" testing of the advanced development, created on technology "Tanks X" was carried out. Each new model must undergo a thorough check and calibration. The enemy forces of Frontier would never have known about this underground complex, code-named " Object-159 ", had it not been for the data accidentally captured during the battle for West-Prime . The error of "Antey" turned out to be unprotected installations for testing the technology of scattering the field. Engineers of Frontier hacked the system and set up the teleportation of their forces directly to the enemy's base in an attempt to gain secret technology. Now the laboratory has turned into a field of fierce battle.

"Object-104" - one of the laboratories of type 159, which was built a couple of years before the last. Now there are no research works here, and the premises are often used as a warehouse. But "Antey" remembered the attack on "Object-159" and long hatched a plan for revenge. As a result of the deployment of agents into the enemy's camp, the corporation managed to seamlessly connect to the frontier teleportation system. Shortly thereafter, Frontier intercepted information about Antei's attack on one of its bases, but did not even realize that during the teleportation the tanks would not go there at all, but trapped at Object-104.

2102 (renewal of "Ares")

The first Martian range, code-named " Ares " was built on Mars in 2102 by order of the head of the corporation "Frontier" after the "Anteyu" managed to gain a solid foothold in "The Lunar Silence". The base was built under strict classification and, unfortunately, did not bring the expected result: in the immediate vicinity of the range of X-crystals, there were no deposits, although the expeditions to other parts of Mars brought definite results. The scale of "Ares" allowed the base to be used simultaneously as both a warehouse of X-crystals, and as a center for exchanging red crystals for blue. The base turned into a secret center for trade in minerals among factions not controlled by the Antey. Of course, the huge black market could not remain unnoticed by the earth corporation, and enemy tanks arrived on Mars ...

2102 (Roundup)

Sensation! The military corporation "Frontier" has developed new shunting engines for the "X" tanks, preventing a coup in extreme driving conditions. The opposition was going to launch new tanks in production in the near future, however they were not destined to gain an advantage in the battles. International corporation "Antey" declassified its intelligence data with information about the project, code-named "Nevalyashka", and as a result, new engines will be tested immediately in hot spots on both sides of the front. Order: "On measures to increase the advantages in maneuvers" of July 6, 2102.


To all operators of unmanned combat vehicles of the "Tank X" series. Test new shunting engines in all types of battles and on all fronts. A week later, report on the application and give your recommendations to the association on whether it is worth using this technology in the future.

— Unknown Tankman