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How to buy X-Crystals

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X-Crystals is a currency in Tanki X for which you pay real money, in order to acquire in-game cosmetic items. There are several ways to buy X crystals, however, for now, there are only two types of payment available for countries outside the CIS region.

  1. Online
  2. Prepaid cards (partially online)

To access the shop you click on the red "Plus" icon, in the top panel of the screen.

Buying X crystals in-game

1. When you open the shop, the system will automatically detect the country you are located in and set the currency accordingly. If the system fails to do so, you can always select the correct country from the drop-down list and press "Continue";
2. On the next screen, you will see different packages of crystals, each of them profitable in their own way. Choose the one you find more interesting and click "Continue";
3. Payment methods:

  • Mastercard or Visa card;
  • PayPal - an eWallet that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments, on a secure and protected platform;
  • paysafecard - this method will require you to purchase a physical prepaid card from your local stores, or use your "My Paysafecard" account if you have funds on it.
Press the method you are most comfortable with and press "Continue".

4. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the required payment information (for example your PayPal account or credit card number) and press "Continue";
5. If you've selected the paysafecard method, you will be redirected to their website, where you will need to enter your paysafecard number, your "My paysafecard" account, or use a scan2pay method, available only for their service.
6. If the introduced payment information is correct, in a short while, your in-game account will be credited with the number of crystals you paid for.

Other payment methods

In 2017, we opened a few other methods for players with no access to the already implemented methods. The new methods included mobile payment and prepaid terminals.

In case you encounter issues with the payment process, click on the following icon question mark, which is located on the top side of the screen, or you can access the "Payment Issues" article.