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Choosing your turret wisely is just a part of your success on the battlefield. You need to also choose a proper hull, one that will increase the efficiency of your turret. It's a good thing we have a pretty wide variety of hulls in Tanki X. Just like the turrets, these have a lot of modifications and can be upgraded. You can try the most popular combinations at lower ranks without the need to spend many crystals, but you won't be able to give everything a go so choose wisely.

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Reward Graffiti Tier 1 Skin Tier 2 Skin

Light Hulls


This hull was specifically designed to cater to the needs of private armies around the world. The Wasp makes short work of old-style tanks, and it is also a valuable tool to fighting modern wars. It can quickly cover distances, and it is easily able to escape enemy fire. It is designed to intercept and engage a cornered enemy in a Blitzkrieg-style battle. This hull poorly resists blows and can even flip over when hit by heavy shells. But it will faithfully serve those that can avoid enemy fire.


It was developed by Antaeus to effectively promote their "X" Tanks on battlefields around the world. Hornets can appear right in front of the enemy's nose at lightning speed and smash their position. This hull can withstand direct hits and still stay on track, but it is not good for performing quick maneuvers on a dime.

Medium Hulls


The Hunter is the gold standard for all "X" Tanks. This was the first hull to go into mass production. It is widely used to this day. This is the first generation tank shell. It represents an attempt to reach an effective compromise between armor and maneuverability. The Hunter is good for when you need to fight and do not need to return fire.


This hull was created during a war that was reaching a stalemate. A tank was needed that could break through the stagnating situation on the front, where winning tactics were needed. This hull is the "universal tactical unit", representing the second generation of "X" Tanks. It is tool that can be used to successfully achieve all tasks on the battlefield. For a long time the Viking formed the basis for bonds between elite professional tank operators.


This technological breakthrough comes from the Frontier laboratories. It can serve as the main component outfitting an invasion force of tanks. Titans are sent into the meat-grinding mayhem of conflicts in order to turn the tide of battle. The titanium alloy enriched with crystals guarantees that the hull can remain cool through the scorching heat of battle and survive.

Heavy Hulls


When Antaeus transformed the war into a struggle to dominate and hold territory, its plants began to produce the Dictator. Its multi-layer armor made of crystalline alloys and solid dimensions make Dictator noticed. A tank with this kind of hull needs only one thing: the ability to sustain impacts and return fire.


The Mammoth is the product of a new era of war and disasters. This is the answer to the devastating destructive power of the elements and the new types of weapons that have been introduced. The Mammoth is the cornerstone of any defense and the starting point of every major offensive. It does not need speed or agility. It can take a punch while holding its ground. It will always prevail.