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Kits are special bundled packages that provide you with 2 or more items together at a special price. They can sometimes be cheaper, or give unique items with them. Currently there has been only 1 kit in the game, called Fully Armed Garage.

Just launch the game, and click on the red plus at the top of the screen, where you usually buy X crystals. There you click on the banner with the offer, and that's it.

File:Fully Armed Garage.jpeg

  • Price: 5.99 $
  • It contained all Hulls and Turrets and provided us with a special paint called Carbon as a gift.

Warning : This package only lasts for 14 days after creating a new account in the game.

Steam DLC

Mercenary Flamethrower
MercenaryFlamethrower.jpg Contents:
  • Firebird
  • Wasp
  • Firebird Steel
  • Inferno Paint

The Firebird is the key to urban warfare. It proved its effectiveness when Antaeus subdued the islands and metropolitan areas of the Pacific. This turret knows its stuff: set fire to your enemy's tank, and then move on. The burning napalm will devour enemy equipment without need for any outside support. Heavy tanks will have no chance. Does it seem like the weapon is taking too long to recharge? You can still shoot burning napalm at the enemy even from half-filled fuel tanks.

This hull was specifically designed to cater to the needs of private armies around the world. The Wasp makes short work of old-style tanks, and it is also a valuable tool to fighting modern wars. It can quickly cover distances, and it is easily able to escape enemy fire. It is designed to intercept and engage a cornered enemy in a Blitzkrieg-style battle. This hull poorly resists blows and can even flip over when hit by heavy shells. But it will faithfully serve those that can avoid enemy fire.

Steel Skins
The unofficial skins have gained popularity and because of the value drop of the gold, the mercenaries have started to demand higher quality. This is how Steel was born — a new equipment modification tier.

Tanki X: Mercenary Flamethrower DLC can be purchased on Steam

Antaeus Marksman
AntaeusMarksman.jpg Contents:
  • Railgun
  • Hornet
  • Railgun XT
  • Clay

A Railgun kinetic weapon and the "X" Tank are the ideal combination for waging battle in circumstances where any other weapon could fail. Huge open spaces proved to be excellent testing grounds for honing the performance properties of the Railgun. It is able to cut through several enemy tanks at once before they are even in range to offer counter fire. This weapon is perfectly paired with Hornet to create a devastating marksman build.

It was developed by Antaeus to effectively promote their "X" Tanks on battlefields around the world. Hornets can appear right in front of the enemy's nose at lightning speed and smash their position. This hull can withstand direct hits and still stay on track, but it is not good for performing quick maneuvers on a dime.

Tanki X: Antaeus Marksman DLC can be purchased on Steam

Antaeus Skirmisher
AntaeusSkirmisher.jpg Contents:
  • Thunder
  • Viking
  • Thunder XT
  • Viking XT
  • Storm Paint

The Thunder turret was invented to eliminate the tank armies of the most modern Asian states, when Antaeus was ready to announce that it had completely taken over the world. "X" Tanks underwent a baptism of fire at a time when there were still far fewer of them than the previous generation of tanks. Under these conditions, the Thunder turret provided some assurance that the new tanks would be able to survive. The Thunder turret can be used to strike a group of enemies at once using explosive shells. The quick recharge rate ensures that you will achieve a quick and decisive victory.

This hull was created during a war that was reaching a stalemate. A tank was needed that could break through the stagnating situation on the front, where winning tactics were needed. This hull is the "universal tactical unit", representing the second generation of "X" Tanks. It is tool that can be used to successfully achieve all tasks on the battlefield. For a long time the Viking formed the basis for bonds between elite professional tank operators.

Tanki X: Antaeus Skirmisher DLC can be purchased on Steam

Note: You can only purchase 1 of each DLC per Tanki X account. A refund is not available if you purchase 2 different packs which include the same weapons, hulls, and/or skins! The items will be granted to the account logged into the game while using Steam.