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Area 159

File:Map area159.jpg Year 2101. The "Frontier" forces would've never found out about this underground complex, code-named "Area-159", if not for the data they've accidentally intercepted during the battle for West Prime. This new location turned out to be a secret "Antaeus" laboratory that was designed to test the newly developed and advanced Tanki X technology. Every new tank had to go through this check and calibration.

But "Antaeus" did a huge mistake, by leaving the facility designed to test the field dispersion, unprotected. The "Frontier" engineers have hacked into the system and re-calibrated the teleportation devices, which helped them bring their own forces into the enemy's base, in an attempt to obtain the rest of the secret technologies. The laboratory was turned into a battlefield


File:Map ares.jpg The construction of the first Martian polygon range called “Ares”, was ordered by the Head of the “Frontier” corporation and was an ultra classified object. It happened in 2102 when he realized that “Antaeus” have managed to gain a solid foothold on Moon Silence.

Unfortunately, it did not bring the expected results, as there were no X-crystal deposits in the immediate vicinity. However, they did find their luck when they’ve started searching for deposits on other areas of the planet.
The huge scale of “Ares”, allowed them to use the base both as a warehouse for X-crystals and as a laboratory used to synthesize X-crystals into Blue crystals. The base turned into a secret minerals trading center among factions, that wasn’t controlled by “Antaeus”. Of course, a black market of this scale can’t remain unnoticed for too long, the enemy tanks were soon spotted on the horizon.


File:Map iran.jpg The Frontier installed their crystal production facility at the heart of the scorching desert, thinking that they could keep it hidden. For some time, their plan was successful. However, hiding the Iranian deposit behind the sandstorms was not as efficient as they were hoping. Antaeus eventually discovered their secret facility and immediately began dispatching a large number of their forces from Europe into the desert region. The Frontier, in an attempt to defend their deposit, were forced to recall their army from Northern America, starting the long and exhausting Iranian conflict.


File:Map kungur.jpg Kungur is a town, a throw back to the formative years of the Antaeus monopoly. This area has long been considered to be an important position by the warring sides, since it was frequently hit by crystal storms, which became a frequent occurrence after meteor showers. East of Kungur was the epicenter of the dangerous anomaly that threatened the city.

But a large deposit of crystals was discovered less than a year after the storm dissipated, and it turned out that Kungur was the closest logistical center to the source of valuable minerals. Frontier immediately sent a battle group of forces, but in the city it ran into its rival. Thus, the fate of the nearby deposits of crystals was determined: the side that could capture Kungur would also win control of the deposit.


File:Map massacre.jpg These vast spaces in the middle of the former United States were seemingly unremarkable: rolling plains dimpled by craters that were left by meteorite showers. Indeed, for some time no one had thought it worthwhile to control such a vast blank space. That was until Frontier's satellite discovered a gigantic deposit of crystals below the earth's surface.

It turned out that the specific conditions of the local soil allowed meteorites containing valuable minerals to burrow deeply into the ground. For a long time the deposits grew unnoticed.
Now Frontier could no longer neglect such a valuable territory, and it dispatched a contingent of forces to the region. Watching the actions of their enemy, the commanders of Antaeus also quickly realized what was going on. This is how a new front of the war opened up in North America.


File:Map rio.jpg South America has always been wracked by conflict, but the outbreak of war between Antaeus and Frontier meant that the intensity of fighting was ratcheted up even more. Frontier chose the Latin American region as one of the starting points of their activities.

Long before the invasion of the monopoly's enemies, Rio was the center of this very rich region. This city became one of the aggregators of valuable resources from across the entire continent. The first large batches of crystals were sent from here to the developed regions. The commanders of Frontier decided to create an important base of operations here.
In response to the enemy's actions, Antaeus undertook all possible measures. It curtailed all logistical processes and dismantled companies. It mined the approaches to the city and evacuated the entire population. This did not prevent the transformation of Rio into the next hot spot of war. Frontier needed a strategic position in the region, and Antaeus could do nothing to prevent their competitor from consolidating their presence there. Hence, the war continues.


File:Map sandbox.jpg This training site was once part of a network of training bases used by the central Asian resistance. When the forces of Antaeus began to occupy the region, they were able to seize this base first without a fight, since the rebels had retreated to more secure positions.

For a long time the "Sandbox" training base was used to train recruits before heading to the front. From here recruits from the greenest of the operators of "X" Tanks were trained and sent to the various hot spots of conflict. Over time crystals that were won in battles all across the region were sent here.
After Frontier's invasion, the war in Central Asia acquired heated up. The commanders of Antaeus were fully aware of the situation that the Central Asian resistance had once found themselves in. Despite its logistical convenience, this base could not be effectively defended or retained over the long term. The "Sandbox" soon began to be pass from side to side. It eventually became a section of the front, whereas before it was only the gateway to frontline service.


File:Map silence.jpg The "Silence" stronghold was once a small town, which was bought and settled by a private military corporation created by Antaeus in order to apply military pressure to the border regions. Here is where operations using the first prototypes of the "X" Tank were coordinated.

When Frontier announced its creation, the owners of "Silence" sided with the competitors to this monopolizing company. This was the beginning of the end for the small corporation. It would be several years before Frontier's forces invaded. Antaeus crushed pockets of resistance and turned its opponent's headquarters into a POW camp named "Silence".
Over time, the prison has become a regional stronghold for Antaeus and a private research center that studied the effect of crystals on people and equipment. The reserves of crystals in the warehouses of "Silence" became a cornerstone of the conflict in this part of the globe when Frontier returned to the region. So the prison and the research center became a hot spot in the conflict.

Moon Silence

File:Map moonsilence.jpg The “Antaeus” corporation was soon to expand their search for energy resources on other planets. An experimental base was built, in which the gravity was simulating the one on the Moon. This facility was helping test the X tanks in space conditions and low gravity. Later, the first colony on the Moon was built using the same blueprints “Silence” was built on.

West Prime

File:Map westprime.jpg The West Prime Complex is the largest enterprise for the extraction and processing of crystals that was founded by Antaeus in the territory of Russia, west of the Ural Mountains. But the facility was only destined to function successfully for less than a year.

Crystal growth had to be continuously stimulated in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the complex.
As a result, development of the field spiraled out of control, and with it the climate around the complex started to catastrophically change. A localized storm formed over the region, which caused Antaeus to stop extracting minerals.
When the situation in the region was able to stabilize and its owner returned, it discovered an expeditionary force sent from Frontier, which had decided to assert their rights to West Prime.