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Sound adjustment, image/graphic adjustment and much more options can be found in the settings menu. In order to access it, you need to click on the "Wheel" icon in the top panel.

The Home button is always available in the top panel in case you want to return to the home screen.

Within the settings menu you will find four buttons: Game, Graphics, Sound and Language

Game Settings


Invert controls when reversing 
Activating this option will let you inverse the right and left controls when driving the tank backwards
Enable/disable mouse control in battles 
Mouse controls allow you to control your turret using your mouse, instead of your keyboard.
Invert vertical mouse controls 
Activating this options will invert all the mouse movements you make.
Set the mouse sensitivity 
Change how reactive the game is to your mouse movements. For a comfortable game, we recommend you set it around 20-50%


Change the window mode 
This sets whether the game will be run in Full Screen or a Windowed mode.
Set the resolution 
The resolution is the number of pixels that will be shown on your screen. The resolutions that are available to you will depend on the size of your monitors.
Set the quality level of the graphics - Minimum, Medium, High, Maximum and Ultra. 
The graphical quality level affects the performance of the game on your computer. In case your computer is unable to run the game decently with the level of graphic you choose, you will see a red notification message somewhere on the right, saying "The current graphical quality level may impact the performance of the game on this computer".
Set the saturation level 
This changes the intensity of the colours. Low Saturation is closer to grayscale while a High Saturation has powerful colours.

After changing or modifying any of the above-mentioned options, you will need to press "Apply", after which the game client will automatically restart. Please note that this is subject to change in the future and is not a requirement for every change.


Set the sound effect volume 
Sets the volume of in-game sound effects
Set the Music volume 
Sets the volume of the lobby music.
Set the interface sounds volume 
Sets the volume of interface sounds (eg. when clicking on a object)

Each of the options above is set with an adjustment slider.


In this menu you can change the language of the game from English to Russian and back.

Account Settings

Change Nickname 
For a price of ♦ 600 X-Crystals, you can change your nickname
Change Email 
You can change the account recovery E-mail. You will need to confirm your new E-mail through
Email promotions 
This will opt you in or out of emails about special offers, news or promo codes
Selecting your country will change the currency used when purchasing in-game items