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Shop - the shop is the in-game store in which you can buy in-game currency or advantages such as crystals, gold boxes, or premium and items for your tank such as containers that randomly give unique skins, ammunition, paints, coatings, avatars, graffitis or blueprints for modules.


X-Crystals are the premium currency in the game which can be used to purchase pretty much anything.

Any player that purchases any bundle of X-Crystals for the first time will receive 50% off.

Note: This discount will not sum up with other discounts or bonuses.


Premium Account

Premium account gives advantages in the game such as premium quests that give X-Crystals, increases league blueprint containers from battle, increases the battle experience for your rank and turret or hull.

Gold Boxes

Gold Box is an item that contains 1,000 blue crystals, which can be dropped in any battle with a click of a button (default button is 5).