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Weapons are one of the most important aspects of this game. As without a weapon, you won't be able to do anything in the battlefield. In Tanki X, you get to choose from a variety of weapons, and which one you choose entirely depends on your playing style. Moreover, you can also make your choice based on certain factors, as their ammo type, range and many other things.

The interesting part about Turrets is you can customize your weapons by purchasing and equipping them with skins. There are various types of skins like special ones, stock ones, Gold skins, Steel skins, XT skins etc. Some of them can be obtained only from containers, while some of them can be unlocked by upgrading your chosen Turret.

There are 11 different turrets in the game, that are split into 4 main categories.

Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Reward Graffiti Tier 1 Skin Tier 2 Skin

Melee range combat

The melee range turrets have a very limited firing range. For an effective use of such turrets, players need to be in direct contact with the enemy tank and be able to jump in at the right time. It is worth noting that melee range turrets inflict damage every 0.25 seconds. This means that every quarter of a second, this turret inflicts a quarter of the damage indicated in its characteristics. e.g. If the table says it does 100 hp worth of damage, it will take 25 hp off every 0.25 seconds


The Firebird is the key to urban warfare. It proved its effectiveness when Antaeus subdued the islands and metropolitan areas of the Pacific. This turret knows its stuff: set fire to your enemy's tank, and then move on. The burning napalm will devour enemy equipment without the need for any outside support. Heavy tanks will have no chance. Does it seem like the weapon is taking too long to recharge? You can still shoot burning napalm at the enemy, even from half-filled fuel tanks.


High-speed "X" Tanks were used effectively during the first battles in Iran. Then the Freeze, a commanding weapon that was able to establish control on the battlefield, appeared. "Do not let the enemy move and escape from your range of fire" is the basic principle of this freon weapon, which is able to slow down and freeze your opponent's equipment.


Isida mobile repair units have been used to repair worn-out equipment working in the crystal deposits under extreme conditions. These units take advantage of the restorative properties of crystals, which can be used to make repairs to equipment after they receive damage. The first battle for the crystal processing facilities showed that Isida units are not only able to successfully recover mining equipment, but they can also be used to strip armor from tanks when correctly configured.

Short range combat

The short range turrets have a limited firing range. For the effective use of such turrets, it is necessary to keep the enemy tank at a close firing distance, without allowing them to run away and get into a safe area.


When the Hammer first appeared during the Battle of Kungur, the opposing sides wondered how they could have conducted tank war without it. When you're in the thick of battle, the Hammer is your ticket to demolishing at least one enemy. When used at medium range, the Hammer can take out a few. Think of it like a tank-mounted shotgun. Enough said.


The Twins turret was one of the first guns of the future produced by Antaeus. It was created using the crystals that fell to earth in meteor showers. The double-barrel plasma cannon is a tactical battlefield weapon that is perfect for suppressing enemy fire. Do not let the enemy find their bearings and aim during a heavy bombardment. This is an indispensable weapon for Blitzkrieg warfare.


The latest development of the red corporation, Ricochet, became the answer to the Twins. Trapped inside a magnetic field, the balls of plasma are able to bounce off obstacles. The weapon's sensors accurately determine when they come in contact with the plating of an enemy tank, and only then do they release their payload. When your enemy can no longer hide from projectile fire in confined urban spaces behind bends in the road or in tunnels, the chance that they will escape is much reduced.

Medium range combat

Medium range turrets might not even have a range restriction, but the damage decreases the further the target is. For the effective use of such turrets, it is necessary to keep the enemy tank at a range that will allow you to hit it effectively, rather than letting it get into your melee zone or go out of your effective range.


It is a reliable and simple weapon. It is the AK-47 in the tank turrets world. Smoky has proven itself to be a useful weapon in all types of battles. This turret is not the most perfect weapon, but it will make your tank competitive under any conditions.


The accurate and fast-firing Vulcan turret was Frontier's first line of defense during its first battles. Its stabilizers work perfectly when you are taking counter fire from the enemy. It is just the weapon for medium range fire when waging high-speed, Blitzkrieg warfare. It is imperative, however, to avoid overheating so that you do not damage your hull.


The Thunder turret was invented to eliminate the tank armies of the most modern Asian states, when Antaeus was ready to announce that it had completely taken over the world. "X" Tanks underwent a baptism of fire at a time when there were still far fewer of them than the previous generation of tanks. Under these conditions, the Thunder turret provided some assurance that the new tanks would be able to survive. The Thunder turret can be used to strike a group of enemies at once using explosive shells. The quick recharge rate ensures that you will achieve a quick and decisive victory.

Long range combat

Long range turrets do not have range restrictions, and their damage does not decrease when shooting at far distances. For the effective use of such turrets, it is enough to avoid tanks that want to get into your melee zone.


A kinetic weapon and the "X" Tank are the ideal combination for waging battle in circumstances where any other weapon could fail. Huge open spaces proved to be excellent testing grounds for honing the performance properties of the Railgun. It is able to cut through several enemy tanks at once before they are even in range to offer counter fire.


The Shaft is a super-accurate weapon that was created by Frontier for waging positional battles over the mountain passes of Latin America. Its sniper fire mode and the ability to conduct effective short range battles make the Shaft the centerpiece of any strategy for "winning by quality". As long as the engineers at Antaeus do not copy this innovation by dismantling it from a captured enemy tank.